Sidney Health Center Employees Organize to Fight Illegal Vaccine Mandate


A “mandate” at the federal level does not have supremacy over a law at the state level. Legislators make legislation. Dictators make dictates. The Sidney Health Center seems to demonstrate understanding the difference between the two. Montana Daily Gazette wrote about this is the post, Sidney Health Center Commits Virtual Suicide-Disrespects its Employees-CALL TO ACTION!

Montana Daily Gazette was present at a small meeting of Sidney Health Center workers who are refusing to receive the experimental and unnecessary vaccine last night, and it was evident that it’s very important to them to maintain their anonymity to for the time being due to what they feel is a hostile work environment at the institution. However, in figures ranging from 35-100 employees in the small hospital – from support staff to very important doctors in specialized fields, they are soon gathering to hear from experts on how to fight these unconstitutional orders that stand in defiance of state law and human rights.

Originally, the event was to be hosted by Montana Daily Gazette and Conservatives for Richland County. Both will continue to cover the proceedings, but it was decided that the event will be completely sponsored by employees of Sidney Health Center.

As the flier above indicates, it will be held at 2181 W Holly St (Fellowship Baptist Church) at 630PM on Monday, November 29. It is not a religious service of any time and no clergy will be speaking at the event unless, perhaps, one works for the hospital. The venue – which is open to many civic functions – was chosen because of its close proximity to the Sidney Health Center and its Audio/Visual equipment that will allow experts from around the state to give the health care workers advice on how to handle the illegal mandates from the hospital.

Speakers will include attorneys, legislators, medical professionals, and grass-roots organizers to put a stop to forced jabbing that goes against the conscience of hospital health care workers and employees.

Humorously, the SHC executive board may attend only if they write out an exemption form for why they should be allowed to peacefully assemble with the group, no doubt an ironic statement about SHC’s requirement that workers provide religious exemptions (both are covered under the same amendment in the U.S. Constitution). Those exemptions will be approved or denied at the door of the venue by an ad-hoc committee of SHC employees.

The press has asked to attend. SHC employees have yet to give permission to the Sidney Herald, which has a reputation of being biased on the issue, but the Montana Daily Gazette and RoundUp are invited under the condition that the speakers – and not the attendees – being published by name or photo in the publications.

Chiefly, this is because SHC workers are concerned about reprisals, retribution, retaliation, and hostility or bullying from hospital management.

Community members may attend if they receive advance notice by emailing; these would include patients of SHC worried about their physicians leaving, pregnant couples worried about the ability of the OB department to provide care, or patients worried that that OR department will be able to continue with depleted staff numbers.

By our count, several departments may end up closing completely, which obviously affects our community and will turn the hospital into a second-rate clinic. Keep in mind that these are not “conspiracy theorists” but our front-line health care workers who do not trust or see the need for a vaccine that does not pass the muster test of cost-benefit analysis.

For updates on speakers, continue to check the Facebook page, Conservatives for Richland County or the Montana Daily Gazette.


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