RALLY MONTANA! Sunday, November 28th-2:00 History Shall NOT Repeat!


You must join in! Your friends and family must stand up and resist! We need hundreds to come out and stand against the evil Unconstitutional Mandate! This Mandate is in line with WW2 tactics, Stalin’s takedown, and Mussolini’s rule!

Come out and Stand for Freedom! Bring everyone you know!

Do not comply; Montana shall not be moved! Show up and make your presence and voice known!

Spend a little time making signs that gain attention! (Below are a couple of examples)

We are in a war! Stand tall!

Montana will be victorious IF our numbers are large and we do not back down!

We’ve been through this before! Do not allow history to repeat itself!

Make special note: Buzz words such as “Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler” show that we understand the times we’re living in, meaning we acknowledge to the evil world around us that we shall NOT put up with this Mandate hoping to enslave us as happened in the 1930s and 1940s! We will not comply ever!

We are in a war of great magnitude! Never in our lives have we been up against such evil in our nation or the state of Montana! Yet, history will not repeat itself if enough join the movement of resistance!

Come one and all who love life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!


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