Washington State HD Propaganda-“This Ain’t No Hippy Concert”-


Health Departments and Hospitals will do anything to get folks “vaccinated” -shot full of the toxin- including any ploy, bribe, graphic, design, reward, or blackmail.

Time and time again, we see contests with promises of big winnings and even bigger giveaways right down to sappy sweet donuts.

“COVID-19 vaccines are in high demand right now. People are eager to protect themselves before holiday gatherings or travel. If you are unable to find a vaccine for yourself or your child at one location, please try another. Find locations near you at VaccineLocator.doh.wa.gov, where you can search by brand or by regular or child dose.”

In Washington, they make the shot look like you’re going to a Janis Joplin concert, anything to divert your attention from how awful getting the toxic injection is. But, of course, it’s all a marketing scheme to deter you from reality and get your dang shot!

Here is the ‘ahem’ art design.

Washington State Department of Health wants you to think you’re heading to a Rainbow Children gathering.

Even a weird play on the word ‘high’ is just more of a distraction. It’s disgusting to push a toxic fake “Vaccine” while using a psychedelic illusion promoting drug abuse. How groovy.

Don’t fall for this propaganda Washington.


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