Graybill Wants to Move “Homophobia” Lawsuit from Richland County Due to Religious Prejudice


We’ve written the story multiple times (here, here, and here). Essentially, here’s the gist: At Montana Daily Gazette, proudly Montana’s #1 news source, has an editorial policy that we use real pronouns, and not imaginary preferred ones. Back in the Spring, we ran a story about a group of Native “Transgender” (no one has ever transitioned their gender) folks running amok and acting foolishly in the Montana State Capitol.

Keep in mind that the MDG is a statewide paper, and about 1% of the stories are about Richland County (Hall passes off local news tips to the local newspaper, the RoundUp). MDG hardly has readership in Richland County like, for example, Helena, Missoula, Bozeman, or Kalispell.

We reached out to Mr. Jawort about the article, before publication, but he refused to speak to us because we referred to him by the scientific and biological pronoun. He later asked for a retraction, without any real explanation or evidence to the contrary. Given the brevity of his email, his refusal to discuss it beforehand, and his grasp of objective reality, we refused his retraction.

He then talked about suing anybody and everybody involved in the anti kid-mutilation bill.

I guess we were included in that.

We had another reason; not being present that day, two witnesses observed an altercation that did indeed take place, but Jawort denies the details of it. Figuring out “transphobia” is legally not a thing, the lawsuit changed to “libel.” Knowing that Jawort has a tenuous grasp on reality, and our witnesses have always been reliable and have yet to retract their eye-witness accounts, we had no good reason to retract the original article.

We then discovered, after a lawsuit was filed in Richland County for 250k in damages, that he found an attorney, chiefly Raph Graybill (currently working for Planned Parenthood and suing AG Knudsen to overturn pro-life legislation) and the Upper Seven Lawfirm (currently suing Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen, over voter ID laws) to represent him.

JD then traveled to 28 venues in Central to Western Montana (and a few out of state ones) to talk about the targeting of the LGBTQ mafia against him and others. He also spoke about it in out-of-state venues and out-of-state radio shows. The only radio shows he spoke about this on a radio station picked up in Yellowstone County (KHDN and Aaron Flint). Neither reaches Richland County. No local newspaper or radio station has covered the ordeal and JD has been mum on the subject in Richland County, except mentioning it briefly in a sermon at his own church.

Not thinking it wise to divulge the full document yet, we have recently discovered that Graybill’s chief concern is that the people of Richland County are not fit to serve on the jury because the jury pool has been “tainted” by Hall (somehow, in some magical, ill-defined, nebulous way). Keep in mind, the closest venue Hall has discussed the matter publicly is 260 miles away.

Towns like Billings, Livingston, Columbus, Missoula, Bozeman, Lolo, Lame Deer, Kalispell, Great Falls, and Havre have all heard the tale. But Hall has not spoken a public word about the subject in Richland County.

Clearly, Graybill is trying to find a sympathetic venue other than the ordinarily conservative Richland County. In doing so many misleading statements were made.

But currently, Pastor Hall is praising God that in his request for a change of venue, Graybill cited the Scripture verses Hall has used that Graybill finds offensive. The rural pastor finds a Planned Parenthood attorney citing Scripture – even negatively – in a legal document – to be glorious to God.

Prudence dictates little more be said until the court makes their order, except by Monforton, Hall’s counsel. But the irony of a Planned Parenthood attorney downright angry of Hall’s religious convictions and use of the Bible is a matter of rejoicing.

God’s Word always accomplishes his will. And if he can talk through the mouth of a jackass (Numbers 22), Scriptures cited by Raph Graybill and his obvious antipathy toward the First Amendment has Hall mildly amused and in high hopes God’s Word does its thing.

It is not known yet if a change of venue will be granted, but in our opinion, their argument is weak. Richland County might be the only place Hall hasn’t spoken publicly on the subject, and its jury the only impartial one left in the state. What Graybill seems to want is a venue more conducive to his side. Regardless, we are ready to go the distance, wherever that might take us.

Hall wrote on his Facebook page tonight

“I just read a 19-page document asking my “transphobia” trial be moved to a jury away from my peers, to a more liberal jurisdiction; I am PLEASED beyond words to see the Holy Bible cited in their legal document (quoting me quoting the Bible) OVER AND OVER again. God’s Word never returns void (Isaiah 55:11), even if quoted by Planned Parenthood’s attorney. Quote me, quoting the Scripture, all day long. It’s double-edged and will divide soul and spirit (Hebrews 4:12). Let them put God’s Word on trial, and (as Spurgeon said) like a lion, it will defend itself (2 Chronicles 20:15).”

He also left a short video:


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