Omicron Gearing Up for 2022 Election


It’s the beginning of the midterm election cycle, and we’ve “discovered” a new COVID-19 variant.

Except that scientists have reportedly been aware of the Omicron variant since July. So why is it just now becoming a concern? Is it to coincide with the seasonal increase in all respiratory viruses and link this increase with a new headline-grabbing scariant?

Former White House physician and Texas Congressman Ronny Jackson seems to think so.

As a reminder, it was the overblown threat of the novel coronavirus in 2020 that was the catalyst for the widespread changing of election law and the unsolicited distribution of mail-in ballots that many observers have blamed for election fraud and irregularities in the last presidential election.

According to official counts, President Biden received the most votes in the history of the presidential election and defied nearly every standard marker and bellwether indicator that traditionally predicts the presidential winner. Yet the most popular candidate of all time now suffers from historically abysmal approval ratings, with many observers concluding that the Democrat party has set itself up for a historical defeat in the 2022 midterms.

Election observers who claim malfeasance in the 2020 election see unsolicited mail-in ballots and the suspension of standard election protocols as primary avenues for fraud and one of the causes for 2020 being the least trusted election in modern American history.

This new variant enters the narrative just as many Americans are stubbornly returning to normal life and ignoring the “threat” of COVID-19. How election officials and politicians will spin the danger of Omicron to force election exceptions remains to be seen, but some states like New York have already declared emergencies despite not yet recording a case involving the variant.


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