Swine Flu Fraud (1976)- Simulates Covid Fraud (Film Clips Included)


The Swine Flu may not have been near as dictatorial/tyrannical as the Covid-19 fraud, but many of its premises are strikingly similar.

In 1976 the manipulating media forced the narrative by claiming the shots were safe, and citizens needed to take it for “everyone to stay safe.” However, back then, doctors claimed cigarettes were “safe,” too.

Her doctor advised actress Mary Tyler Moore to become vaccinated; however, she decided against it. When adverse reports came in concerning the Swine Flu Vaccine’s harm caused, her doctor then praised her for not succumbing to the “inoculation.”

Swine Flu marketing gurus even used Moore’s name illegally without asking, stating she, in fact, “did receive the vaccine” (as well as other celebrities without their permission).

Mary Tyler Moore did not take the vaccine and was glad she didn’t.
The Way It Was - 1976 - Swine Flu Vaccinations - Hour Detroit Magazine
The “unsuspecting” lineup for the Swine Flu Vaccine.

Thousands of citizens incurred neurological damage as a result of the Swine Flu Vaccine. Watch this fascinating vintage film clip to learn more.

“The U.S. Government’s publicity machine (back then that meant Television) was cranked into action to urge America to protect itself against the Swine Flu menace.”


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