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Montana Daily Gazette has been creating a series of articles based on Kirk Mackenzie’s Montana Gazette Radio Show entitled “The Constitutional County” which takes place every Tuesday night from 5-7 via KHDN-AM 1230 Radio (the program is live-streamed as well). The content is fascinating, educational, and intriguing, and we are here to give you a breakdown; a birds-eye view, and clear explanation of each show.

This week we are untangling “Revelation,” meaning the revealing of exactly “What on earth is going on!”

We’re in deep trouble. (see below)

We were in a heap of trouble, but there is a way out.

As you can see by the chart above were in a state of chaos; however, we can turn things around if we do what’s in the following chart.

We must exert change and take charge!

Most citizens of the United States have been duped in multiple ways and areas and full-spectrum meaning not only by the events and deception in our own country but across the continents. We have been so deceived that it takes time and effort to reprogram ourselves and unravel the knots, and we intend to do precisely that.

We must change our mindset, keep an open mind, and wake up to the truth. We must stand in boldness and courage in the face of adversity. Unfortunately, we’ve been in denial. MacKenzie laments that “Too often we are on the defense, but we must always be on the offense. They want to take away our guns, free speech, religion, culture, rights, money, property, children, pride, and our very lives.”

This is a worldwide “Communist Coup,” and we must not let it continue or take root.

We’ve been so defamed, shamed, and defeated by the left for so long when they attack us as “conspiracy theorists”; we’ve cowered and become complacent. We’ve become immune to all their communistic tactics: the “4-D’s” known as defamation, division, deception, and destruction. We, as a whole, have been in denial of how atrocious things have become. To see it for what it is causes depression, which aims to destroy us, so we must deprogram ourselves from the leftist rhetoric, secure an accurate belief system, rise, and begin to take offensive action.

The left has thrown everything at us with such consistency that it appears to be the “new norm” and “we better not question it”; it numbs our senses as it drives at us day after day. We hear the terms racist, sexist, misogynist, Islamaphobic, Anti-Vaxx, white privileged, conspiracy theorist, etc., and it never stops.

For example, the “Racist Agenda” isn’t truly about ‘racism’ or the real definition of that word at all but about anything the left decides it should be. Check out these charts below.

‘Double Speak’ is simply a synonym for arbitrary, obscure, or twisted word meaning. When you look at the chart on the left, you can see that the real meaning of the word ‘racism’ is not defined by “Inequality/Wealth”; that only happens when the work completed is not equivalent. The chart on the right portrays ‘racism’ inaccurately. Genuine racism is NOT truly defined as monetary inequality when one makes poor choices, has poor education, and so forth.

When we look to the past, we see the actual definition of racism was instilled by the Democratic Party. MacKenzie explains it for us. “Slavery in the U.S. began in 1719; the Democrats were behind it. The slave trade itself ended in 1807 during Jefferson’s administration. White men had outlawed the slave trade. In 1865, slavery ended with the finality of the Civil War, which took the lives of 600,000 boys.”

Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow Laws, and Critical Race Theory were all implemented by the Democrats and ended by the Republicans.

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We all have choices to make, and we are stronger when we join as a force to rise for good, true, and correct. The chart below (on the right) may appear suitable in ways, but it always produces slavery. The side labeled as “Spiritual” are also the same principles set out in our founding documents that shaped our great nation. Now we need to continue to implement them and teach and train others to do and think the same lest we become enslaved.

Some of perhaps America’s worst scenarios of disguise, distortion, deception, and destruction took place amid horrific drama and trauma intended from the beginning to enslave, defeat and debilitate Americans.

Let’s take a deeper look at several examples. We will start with 9/11 then move on to the Boston Marathon Bombing. Both setups were intended to weaken and take over Americans in a highly debilitating manner.

When you listen to MacKenzie’s radio show (with multiple visuals), he explains and shows you exactly how 9/11 was a setup. A plane alone could not do that level of damage that horrible day. There are so many details and challenging perspectives one has probably never seen or heard of concerning 9/11. In a detailed manner, Mackenzie explains what took place at the Pentagon, in Pennsylvania, etc., on that day. It was a war, just a different kind of war. Make sure you listen and watch the show to determine and learn precisely what happened on that world-changing day. To view and hear the radio show click here.

The Boston Marathon Bombing is perhaps one of MacKenzies most fascinating and spellbinding accounts you will ever witness and listen to. (Again, you can find out all the specific details when you tune into his show above.)

From left to right MacKenzie explains how the ‘Woman in Red’ runs to the chaos healthy then bleeds once she arrives through blood pouches. ‘The Blond’ upon closer look has legs with pouches embedded to release fake blood, and upon study, we learn ‘Nick Vogt’ didn’t lose his legs at the Marathon Bombing but in a war! We are in a war most certainly but a war on Patriots!

The war is on Patriots!

The real war that took place is on Patriots-via a lie-which was a false flag and a way to keep tabs at all times on U.S. Citizens!

MacKenzie believes and teaches that this is a Millenial takeover that happens every thousand years, not every hundred or few hundred years but a full-blown worldwide totalitarian takeover of humanity.

Attacks come from deception and in every way, for example:

The liberal left has taken what is good and twisted it

In the chart above, the real Women’s movement was based on Christian principles. Women, according to the Bible, were to be equally treated in all ways. Yet, the left takes everything and demolishes it, such as conservation (stewardship over God’s resources), then perverts it into environmentalism, which aims to abolish private property. Our rights become stripped.

Another deeply disturbing series of events was the loss of innocent life which took place in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Dresden. Nagasaki and Hiroshima were not at the center of the war area. However, Nagasaki was, in fact, where Christianity was flourishing at the time of the bombing in Japan. In Dresden, the cathedral was destroyed.

The answer is yes!

The WAR is on Christianity!

MacKenzie lays out a well-executed case that Christianity is the only religion in the world that exhibits true freedom and liberty. Therefore because the basis of our founding documents and freedoms are based on Christian principles, yes, Christianity itself is under immense attack.

Christianity and the founding principles of America work hand in hand.

Christ exhibited all of these characteristics, which are in opposition to the domestic enemies of our United States hence the war on Christianity and any person or institution who exhibits these traits.

The Constitutional County doesn’t aim to push Christianity but explains clearly why it is being attacked, as are our founding principles as the two are synonymous.

The Democrats and leftists are opposed to these qualities.

MacKenzie reveals that ‘the coasts are gone,’ so we must concentrate on the heartlands of our country.

If we ever take our country back, it must be county by county, not at the federal level.

Where do we go from here? MacKenzie has, in fact, laid out the work for us. Make sure to listen to the radio show, which is the companion to this article.

Please make sure to click here and here to watch videos, to learn more, and join the Constitutional County which will help keep your county and you FREE!


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