Joe Russell Unfit!-Flathead County Fairgrounds- “Covid Vaccine Clinic Folly” Stay Far Away!


Tomorrow Wednesday, December 1st, marks the day when unsuspecting 5-11-year-olds will be injected with a toxic substance, so toxic in fact that the ingredients now consist of an additional drug meant to counteract acidic body fluid. Yes, the Pfizer Injection contains not only mRNA-producing spike proteins which cause inflammation, blood clotting, heart issues, and strokes but another substance entitled “Tromethamine” to make the vaccine more “stable.” But that’s just the beginning of the madness.

Health Officer Joe Russell is literally giddy about luring children into the Flathead County Fairgrounds and, in the latest article it states, (referencing Russell) “He said Health Department officials are working hard to make Wednesday’s clinic a more comfortable setting for young children, with special festive surprises at the fairgrounds.”

Russell will do all it takes to inject poor young children. “If we’re going to start to get the demand met, this is the only way we’re going to get it done, we’re not going to get in trickles; we’ve got to turn the faucet on,” said Russell. Maybe there wouldn’t be such high demand if you weren’t controlling the “masses,” Joe.

The manipulative Flathead County Health Officer wants to “turn the faucet on,” yet a mere week ago, he claimed in the County Commissioners Chambers that Covid-19 was slowing way down, and we were obtaining “herd immunity.” In fact, he claimed that Covid-19 cases in Flathead County were “much lower.” And if that is true, why did Russell recently quarantine 14 young teenage boys (healthy boys with no Covid-19 symptoms at all) from going to school and playing on their basketball team. Additionally, if “Covid” is on its way out, why does he want to inject 600 young children? Not one child has died from Covid-19 in Montana, nor is Covid-19 a risk for children. Statistics show that the flu is worse for children than Covid-19.

Most alarming is the jargon used in the article. The word “mass” is used three times. When we hear that word, we envision mass burials and people being drug off to Auschwitz in “masses.” In Flathead County, where Russell claims Covid is slowing down, we don’t need “mass” anything. It’s as though he’s proud of the word because, as they say in Texas, the “bigger the better.” It strokes his unbridled ego.

Russell is unfit to be the Health Officer of Flathead County

In every article concerning Russell, not once does he tell the truth about Covid “vaccines” and especially not for children. (You can read more here.) He never gives informed consent in the paper but speaks deceptive lies. As stated earlier, these “vaccines” have horrific side effects, and he only uses rosy language when referring to the hideous injections. Why even commercials that push pharmaceutical drugs give lists of adverse side effects. Russell is coercive and very unprofessional; he’s a snake-oil salesman. A circus clown has more sense.

The man simply isn’t qualified for the role of Health Officer with his constant Double Speak. Read about the Fairground “Mass” Vaccination Clinic here.

Russell lies in articles spouting that Covid-19 “vaccinations” are an effective way to eliminate the spread of Covid-19, but that is contrary to what the CDC states (see Montana Daily Gazette’s article here for proof).

Of Public Health and Purpose - Flathead Beacon
Russell is coercive.

Alarm those around you. This fake “vaccine” is harmful and even deadly for children. What will happen when a young elementary-age child has a heart attack, stroke, or dies? What haughty rhetoric will Russell be spouting then?


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  1. No child in Montana died from covid. But, Jedd Hoffman, a sophomore football player from Park City High school, died after collapsing during practice. Officially, his death and the death of 12-years-old Jason Kidd from Pennsylvania, who suddenly died during basketball practice, were not associated with the vaccine. Health officials didn’t bother to verify their vaccination status.
    5-fold increase in sudden cardiac and unexplained deaths among FIFA athletes in 2021, including 23 teenagers, officially declared be just ‘coincidences’. The fundraiser started by the father of 16-year-old Ernesto Ramirez Jr., who died of heart inflammation after receiving a second dose of an mRNA vaccine, was deleted by GoFundMe. GoFundMe explained that raising awareness about the dangerous side effects of vaccines on children could “scare parents away.”
    Parents who come to ‘mass’ vaccination clinics don’t have this information. Instead, health officials and MSM keep inducing mass covid-obsessive paranoia, and school boards use masks mandates as a group punishment to coerce parents to vaccinate their kids. Informed consent is impossible when the severity of the disease is greatly accelerated, immediate side effects of treatments are censored, and long-term side effects are not known. It makes all officials that push the ‘vaccine,’ and all medical providers who inject it into kids guilty of gross negligence and medical malpractice.

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