Former Lt. Gov Cooney Says Sidney Health Center Workers “Promote Death” By Asserting Rights


Frontline healthcare workers were once called heroes. In fact, they were called heroes by Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, who lost his election bid for governor by double-digits to Governor Greg Gianforte. Frontline workers were those in the most danger, who kissed their families goodbye each day – or perhaps didn’t – afraid of spreading what everyone though was a virus that kill us all. The early days of COVID-19 hysteria were hell on Earth for hospital workers, prior to COVID-19 showing itself capable of culling the sick, but almost immune to children and relatively harmless to the healthy.

Boy, have things changed. The frontline doctors and nurses – the very ones whose opinion we were to care about more than anyone else and put on a pedestal, have become to most outspoken against forced vaccinations.

The early hero-worship of healthcare workers probably didn’t help the big heads of the hospital executives around the country, many of whom do not have medical training. And so when the CMS mandate came out, affecting their bottom line, they damned the opinion of the frontline heroes and threatened them with a career guillotine unless they complied to a federal mandate that – in Montana, at least – broke state law.

Former Lt. Gov. Cooney posted an advertising photo for a meeting held this Monday, prior to the courts overturning the mandate, which was held at an off-campus civics facility. Approximately a hundred employees gathered to hear their “options” discussed, other than taking a vaccine they did not (for one reason or another) want.

Cooney wrote…

Of course, the GOP didn’t spend much time, effort, on energy on this event. Sidney Health Care workers did. You know, the heroes. In no uncertain terms, Cooney accused concerned frontline health workers of promoting sickness, death, and economic ruin.

Now tell us, dear reader, who is dividing our country? Every healthcare worker present seemed intensely interested in saving lives.

The Montana Daily Gazette Publisher, who was at the event, chimed in.

Cooney’s son chimed in with Hall, apparently in attempted retribution to the stinging tweet.

Ryan Cooney is a school teacher in Helena and was tweeting later in the day during school hours. His accomplishments in this world must be vast.

Montanans everywhere should be immensely thankful for Governor Gianforte, Lt. Governor Kristin Juras, and Attorney General Austin Knudsen. Furthermore, we should be thankful for the brave souls as the Sidney Health Center – and dozens of other hospitals or clinics around the state, who have not remained silent or compliant.

See the issue discussed on Montana Gazette Radio:

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