Interim Librarian Resigns! ImagineIF Kalispell-Over Lewd Book(s) “Controversy”

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Martha Furman, the Interim Librarian for ImagineIF Library in Kalispell, gave her resignation Monday just days prior to a library board meeting Thursday in Flathead County.

KALISPELL, MONT. — “ImagineIF’s library board held a meeting Thursday that gained a lot of attention. The Kalispell library has recently received numerous challenges on two gender identity-themed books.

The meeting was not planned to discuss the controversial books, but due to public comment, the board took up the issue.

“The public needs to know what the issues are and what’s going on in the background and especially in an instance where it is around a materials challenge,” Interim Director Martha Furman said.

Following public comments and board discussion, Furman resigned from her post.”

Obviously, Furman was squirming, and she should be. However, she was okay with completely unacceptable books to be in even a public library. As the age-old adage goes, “If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.”

Furman continued, “Our main mission is to provide free and fair access to books and information,” Furman said.

With that being said Furman had a bias towards these books and sided with Facebook followers on the ImagineIF page but only those who viewed the books with favor and ignored opposing comments.

In fact, “Lawn Boy” gained national attention as mortified mothers were appalled and spoke out against the dangerous filth in this book. Speaking to the school board, the mother stated how the book had passages of Pedophilia within its contents.

Here are pictures of the books in question,

Furman states that the library should “have free and fair access to information,” but where does the community draw the line? Many mothers say that they don’t even want to go to the library because they don’t feel like it’s a good or safe place to visit.

Where do we cease? Do we allow books that train people on how to commit suicide? Is everything fair game these days?

Furman’s recent interaction with a young mother indicates that she didn’t want people’ tampering’ with such books, as shown above. Here’s one concerned mother’s account via interaction with ‘Furman.’

“I called the library after Martha Furman made a post on the Imagine IF Facebook page. She stated that the library had a formal complaint brought against two books in their collection, Gender Queer and Lawn-Boy, and was defending having those books. She explained how the library has specialized people trained in picking out books without bias and books that reflect the local community.

I called and asked for a citizen comment form with the intent to file a complaint about the two books, and Furman mentioned the Facebook post. I said, “yes, it’s for those two you mentioned, Gender Queer and Lawn Boy.” She said, “Oh, for Lawn-Boy too?” And I answered yes. She asked if I had read their protocol on selecting books, and I had. She then proceeded to tell me that I didn’t have to file a comment since one had already been filed and that it wasn’t like voting, where the more you sent in, the more likely the book was to be removed. I said that “I would still like to file one because her Facebook post mentioned that they try to reflect what the community wants in their collection, and wouldn’t it make a statement on what the community wanted if multiple comments were filed?” She reluctantly agreed that it would, but she still wanted me to understand that it wasn’t like voting.

I have never met the woman, but she seemed nervous although I was very polite, and she tried a couple of times to dissuade me from filing a comment. I spread the word to my neighbors and local friends that these books were in the public library, and they also called Furman to ask for a comment form. They were met with the same response that they didn’t need to file a comment, and they also were asked why they wanted to file, etc. In short, we had to give an interview before we received comment forms and were also told we didn’t need to file.”

Furman didn’t want to honor the requests of the community, so it’s for the best that she will be leaving ImagineIF Library in Kalispell.

Read the full story here.


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