MDG Publisher Talk in Defense of Pastor Brandon Huber, Freedom of Religion in Clinton, MT


Pastor Jordan Hall has served in the ministry for 22 years. Knowing Huber, only over the phone, he aghast as what happened to him. The church was serving food, through the Missoula Food Bank, to hungry kids. But inside those bags were LGBTQ propaganda, and the church (as it should have) pulled it out). The church went on, to do the best they could, to continue to feed the hungry without discriminating against any hungry person.

Nonetheless, the LGBTQ lobby, the press, and social media viciously attack Huber. Hall, and a number of others (videos will be posted here over several other days), stopped in Clinton to rally together supporters, who filled the church house.

Outside the church, property rallied the LGBTQ. Hall went out to speak to the group of protestors but was soon shouted down. When he went to go visit them after the event they were gone, bragging in social media that with the Missoulian gone, they had “done their job.” No LGBTQ individual would engage Hall in face-to-face communication and were not interested in civil discussion.

Footage of that attempt at civil discourse is below.

Instead, the Missoulian (which had video) instead decided to post a photo that appeared confrontational.

Watch Hall’s talk in support of Huber below.


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