Op-Ed: Daily Montanan Lies About “Transgender” Lawsuit, Makes Defamatory Statements About Hall


The Daily Montanan is a fake newspaper (hence, I will not link it). I wish I could be more nuanced than that, but I’m incapable of it. I don’t mean to say they don’t present actual content – they do, slowly but surely. I don’t mean to say they’re any more fake than Legacy Press outlets without brick-and-mortar locations with actual printers. Darrell Ehrlick, its editor, is indeed a real human. Its handful of other writers, mostly Antifa or Black Lives Matter Activists, actually exist. They’re fake because they are called “Daily Montanan” and are funded by Democrat activists in Washington D.C. It is an extension of the organization called States Newsroom, which Influence Watch says is a “progressive political journalism startup.”

Look below.

As Montana Daily Gazette formed, leftists in the state reached out desperately for competition that can keep up. This is what they found. And the Daily Montanan, although – kudos to them – seems to be repeated by every fake Legacy Press Outlet there is (because they are dying and looking to aggregate content because they can’t do it themselves with real reporters).

Yesterday, the Washington D.C. faux-Montana outlet published an article about me being sued for what the client – “two-spirit” man – calls “transphobia” (we have the screenshots to substantiate”) and promised to sue anyone responsible for a bill that would keep boys out of girls’ sports (ditto on the screenshots) is seeking a change of venue to a more liberal district because, well…you get it.

I attempt here to make no legal argument for why a change of venue away from a jury of my peers would be incredibly stupid and legally askew (my attorney will do that), there is a line from Ehrlick that needs correction. He has never once called me to comment on a story he’s done about me, which ironically, was a courtesy I gave the two-spirit confused gendered man.

First, a few obligatory complaints. Ehrlick didn’t ask to speak to me. He asked my attorney for comment, received one, and then did not publish it. He simply repeated the talking points in the opposition’s motion for a change of venue. Bravo on the journalism, Ehrlick.

The entire point of the 19-page document requesting a change of venue – again, I’ll leave legal arguments to my attorney – was chock full of allegations of my bigotry because, apparently according to the attorney and his male client, the Bible is hatespeech. I was tickled pink to see Planned Parenthood’s attorney quote the Scripture so much, just as tickled as I was to see how weak his legal argument was. But the prospect of someone coming to Christ by reading a Planned Parenthood attorney’s document was great. And when asked to defend the Scripture in court, boy howdy. It’ll be a great day.

Persecution for Christ and my commitment to the Bible is thrilling.

That said, there was one line in Ehrlick’s article that needs retracted. Here it is…

Hall explained on video that God had appeared to him, giving him permission to target Graybill.

Uh, no.

First, notice that no such “video” was provided. Secondly, that would not happen in a million years. Now, I’m well aware that Graybill didn’t know who he was messing with – the Polemics World’s JD Hall – when he picked a pastor in Eastern Montana to intimidate. And, I don’t expect Ehrlick to research a story for 12 hours before publishing. However, I expect them to be vaguely familiar with me.

The long and short of it is, I’ve spent a decade in Christian publishing skewering people who claim visions of God, and have created entire websites devoted to the subject. In fact, it is what I am best known for in the entire publishing world. Going back to Alex Malarkey’s Open Letter to Lifeway recanting his visions of God in 2015, is when Pulpit & Pen (now Protestia) shot through the stars of Christian publishing. That’s when I woke up to see my website behind Matt Lauer’s head on The Today Show, and was quoted in everything from the New York Times to the Chicago Tribune. My work – insisting God does not speak or appear to people in visions (but only through the Bible) is my thing.

We’re the ones who endlessly poke fun of those who claim God appears to them. Heck, I got removed for heckling the infamous Jim Bakker during his studio recording on that very topic. It’s on video, for mercy sakes. I am what you call a cessationist, meaning that I believe God reveals himself only in Scripture and nature, not through divine appearances. I’ve had literal moderate debates on the subject, like this one in Indiana.

I gave Eherlick’s line to Facebook followers and asked if they thought those words would ever come out of my mouth. Here are their responses…

Then I asked my Patrons, and here are their responses…

The accusation that I ever said “God appeared to me” (or any variant thereof) is grossly offensive to me theologically. In fact, I would be excommunicated from my church for alleging it. I believe Ehrick’s careless reporting (where’s the video?) damages my reputation as a polemicist GREATLY.

TO EHRLICH: You do you, bro. You work for Washington money to pretend to be Montana news. I get it. You need a job. At one time, you might even have cared about it. But this line – that God appeared to me – is asinine. It’s actually the one thing I’m best known in the world for being against.

My position is simple: Adrian Jawort is a man because (A) God says so and (B) science says so and – as it applies to Graybill – I stand by my story. I need nothing and have used no claim of a divine vision in anyway to come to any conclusion. Period. Produce the video, or make a retraction.


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