Montanans Secede- or Risk Democrat Invasion-


The following Op-Ed was submitted to Montana Daily Gazette by Lyman Bishop. Bishop is the owner of Hoplite Armor LLC and was the 2020 Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate for Montana.

Most people in Montana do not want new arrivals, for obvious reasons, but it is important to remember that in the early days of Montana people waited at train stations to recruit employees, business partners, and even wives. Why? Strength in numbers. We have the same needs today.

Look at the attached image. Radical leftists are working hard to relocate to Montana and pollute our state in order to flip the vote and destroy one of the last strongholds of freedom.

They have a plan and it’s real.

If we are going to win this fight it is important to remember that growth and development are inevitable for Montana. We can either control it, or be controlled by it. As it currently stands we are at the mercy of others and have zero control over the future of our state. Only by taking control of our own destiny do we stand any chance of leaving a legacy of freedom for our children.

There is only one way to preserve any portion of the republic that you have grown up to believe you have. If you believe in freedom and the foundations on which our republic was founded I urge you to move to Montana.

If you come in sufficient numbers I will run for office again and under those circumstances, we will absolutely win. From there I can force a special election for secession. That is the only way that we can control our borders and limit who we allow to take residency here.

This is the only logical hope I see for our future. In a perfect world, 50 states would secede leaving DC with their debt but sadly many states are lost forever. You cannot fix 200 years of illegal laws, laws that violate the supreme law of the land, our National and State Constitutions, through the legislative process. Secession or oppression.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.


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