Twice as Many “Vaccinated” Die than Those Who’ve had “Covid”


The facts are in, and the charts don’t lie. Twice as many persons who’ve been vaccinated for Covid 19 have died as have those who’ve actually had “Covid 19,” and tens of thousands have been ‘vaccine injured’ and keep in mind that these are not actual vaccines but genetic therapy, which cause pathogens.

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Beware “Covid 19 Vaccines” are POISON

Please read this article to find out the truth about “Covid 19 Vaccines.” Even in Montana, we are getting reports of people who’ve died from these toxic injections.

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  2. It does not appear that natural immunity is so great either. I know a local family that had several members that were sick and tested positive for Covid at Christmas last year. Now, eleven months later, several of them are sick and positive again. It is crazy and sometimes very dangerous stuff. One of that family, a person in her thirties, had a mild health issue turn into a severe issue after her first bout of it eleven months ago. She is still dealing with the very debilitating effects of that.

    • Viruses are weird and can be dangerous. Obviously I am not a virologist. Obviously the publishers and writers of the MDG are not virologists. I hope that family is feeling better and the people who are able take care to protect themselves and their loved ones.

    • cheryl ive had reports come in from different sources testimonies of 15 people in flathead county who’ve died from the shot…even the health officer admitted that 1/4 of the people who get vaxxed are sick and another nurse friend who is a head nurseup at logan stated that most sick and dying are vaccinated. maye those folks need high levelsof vit d and zinc etc etc vit d is a BIGGY

  3. Brenda, none of that family had any of the Covid vaccine and I am not pushing them . I do not doubt that the they are injuring and killing some people. I was replying to the statement in the article that you linked that said natural immunity is the best. Obviously, natural immunity is not always so great either as these folks have it the second time within 11 months. That being the case, it seems to me that people need to be aware that just because they have had it once already is no guarantee that they will not get it again. I do not know how often that is happening. Like every thing else about this, we will probably all know more as time passes.

    And we also need to remember that it sometimes also causes real, and long term damage to people’s health. It certainly deserves to be treated with caution.


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