BREAKING! Governor Greg Gianforte Invested Over $700,000 in Pfizer Stock!


Yes, it’s true, and we expected as much all along; Governor Gianforte invested in large sums of Pfizer stock. We at Montana Daily Gazette expected that was the case and even alluded to it in past articles.

Because the Pfizer vaccine is so hazardous (yes, people in Montana have died from the toxic injection), we have begged Governor Gianforte to STOP promoting these dangerous and often lethal injections. Read here when MDG wrote an article last September asking Governor Gianforte to stop pushing the Pfizer “Vaccine” (and all fake vaccines).

Link to Open Secrets by clicking here

Gianforte toured from town to town advocating for the Pfizer “Vaccine” and highly advised that people such as Veterans and others take it and even called it “safe and effective” on multiple occasions. This, however, is false. Not only are Pfizer injections unsafe, they do not slow down the transmission of Covid-19 according to the CDC but rather just minimalize symptoms.

Health Officer Joe Russell of Flathead County stated that “1 out of 4” citizens “vaccinated” in Flathead County have been hospitalized.

Gianforte has been coercing people statewide to “get the vaccine” for many, many months now.

THAT HAS GOT TO CEASE. Pfizer is involved in so much corruption and deceit that they were forced to release information via a ‘Freedom of Information Act’ request. The truth came out, and it’s scathing; thousands have died as a result of this horrific injection. (Read here to learn of the corruption.)

We say NO MORE promoting these “vaccines” or manipulation through false data as Gianforte has done, claiming they are safe. It is a lie that “Pfizer vaccines” are safe and effective.

Ed Note: As of the posting of this article, we have no proof that Governor Gianforte still owns Pfizer stock.


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