Restore Each County! Rise up and Reform Now! This is WAR.


The United States is a unique country. Based upon Christian principles, at its inception, it was a nation built on freedom, individualism, peace, prosperity, security, and so much more. Individual liberties and freedoms helped to establish a hard work ethic. The United States was prosperous because of that liberty. We were the world leaders; every country looked up to the United States. We were skilled in working with water, food, shelter, longevity, freedom, liberation, energy, mechanization, connection, science, and more.

Examples of this would be as such. Cars gave us the freedom to choose where to live, play, shop, and vacation. Appliances gave women the freedom to leave home. Healthcare lengthened and improved our way of life. Television and computers connected and informed us.

However, our freedoms in the U.S. are quickly eroding. Today’s rebels are regressive, not progressive, and our nation is full of those who strive for “Anti-Everything.” They are:

  1. Anti-Christ
  2. Anti-West
  3. Anti-American
  4. Anti-Family
  5. Anti-Energy
  6. Anti-Capitalist
  7. Anti-Consitution
  8. Anti-Founders and Principles
  9. Anti-Common Good
  10. Anti-Truth

We are inundated with Critical Race Theory (CRT), Communism, False Flags, Victimization, Abortion, Defamation, Debt, and so much that is oppressive. Horrifyingly, Technology challenges all, even humanity itself.

Frighteningly, the powers that be have zero intentions of allowing a fair election in 2022.

What are we to do? We must restore our counties! We must rise up in lockstep and reveal who is behind this madness and learn how things work and therefore restore things anew.


In this article, we will present a synopsis on how to clearly restore our Counties, one County at a time. We will lay out the 10 point process, thus establishing the answers to the Unconstitutional, tyrannical, uncalled-for takeover the liberals are implementing at breakneck speed.

Let’s NOT allow that to happen. Read, Learn, and Go Forth.

1. Restore the Founding Principles.

The Founding Documents (meaning the Declarations of Independence and Bill of Rights) rule supreme. The “DOI” is the head document with the “BOR” following behind, with both having supremacy over the Constitution. These documents serve ‘We the People.’ The Constitution is correctly stated as the ‘Constitution for the United States of America’, not ‘of’ the USA.

2. Put Principles above Law.

Because the “DOI” and “BOR” rule supreme over the Constitution and other laws, we need to relearn things the right way. “Unalienable rights are superior to civil rights.” Federal, state, and local governments must abide by and enforce the Founding Principles. They are to be under and subject to these Founding Principles at all times. Even the Supreme Courts’ opinions are not laws.

3. Reform Local Government

The local government is responsible for caring for its people via protection of lives, liberty, property, rights, among others, and help uphold a promising future for our children. Outside interests should have no place. We are to hold our local government leaders accountable in every way. They should not be taking any funding from external sources, which in return will manipulate them and us. They are to take no bribes. Local leaders are accountable to ‘the people.’

Our local leaders work for us

4. Ensure Honest Elections

Electronic machines need to go. They alter election results which is unacceptable. They are a way for high-tech companies to control elections. Punch ballots are the only acceptable format that should be used for voting. We must also abolish National Parties. Candidates must only run as independents, not the two parties.

5. Reimage “Law Enforcement.”

“The primary duty of sheriffs and police is to protect our lives, properties, and rights, not enforce laws.” They also work for ‘We the People’ and are not federal agents. The police are not to be under the federal government. Nor should they at any time be labeled as “Law Enforcement.” Even the Supreme Court is not to enforce “law,” which trickles down to a local level. This is unscrupulous and ought not to be. Local “Law Enforcement should be relabeled as “Community Protection Force.”

6. Constitutionalize the Courts

The Supreme Court has failed to protect our lives. They are treasonous. Judges should be renamed as ‘Referees’ and Jurors as “Judges.” Judges and Jurors need to operate and adhere to the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution for the United States of America, and common law in addition to laws, jurisprudence, rules, and regulations.

7. Take our Schools Back

Schools must be defunded immediately. They are not following the principles of our Founding Founders but rather are being raised on Communist indoctrination. Students are being taught by the state and brainwashed according to Marxist principles and ideologies. Students need to stay true to the nation and study civics. There should be ‘school choice’ where parents are to be in control at all times. Teachers’ unions need to be eliminated, and Biblical principles taught.

Public Schools Destroy Children

8. Educate

Children need to be statists and nationalists and at all times educated in the history of our Founders and our country. We must retrain and reeducate in morals, conduct, and honor. The Pledge of Allegiance needs to be implemented daily, and no allegiances to any other nation or flag should be allowed.

9. Nullify

Nullification, in this instance, simply means the refusal to submit or come under anything contrary to what was set out by our Founders. For example, “a sheriff should not arrest, a district attorney should not prosecute, and a jury should not condemn a person whose rights are being trampled on.”

10. Jurisdiction

“Jurisdiction simply defines the boundaries of government and what it should and should not do.” The federal government is very corrupt in this capacity and operates way outside its boundaries. There are really two governments. “One is the United States of America” and the other “The United States for America.” There are big differences between the two which will be expounded over time. One takes place in Washington D.C.

To summarize, the Founding Documents and Principles have full authority over our nation and are to be followed, submitted to, and taught at all times in all circumstances. ‘We the People’ are at the top and have full authority.

YOU must take charge of your county. Your lives, your children’s lives, and your very future depend upon you. So rise, take action and go forth!

Please make sure to click here and here to watch videos, to learn more, and join the Constitutional County, which will help keep your county and you FREE!


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