Op-Ed: Montana Human Rights Coalition (Soros Group) Puts Out Anti-Christian Hit on Pastor


    Yes, I’ve been busy since June traveling the state, getting to see the beauty and majesty of Western Montana while explaining the dangers of Critical Race Theory, the LGBTQ+/-/%$@ Movement, and Marxism, while extolling the Gospel. This seems to have an out-of-state, Dark Money group erroneously named Montana Human Rights Coalition very angry. In every talk comes the phrase, “The problem is not politics; the solution is not politics. The problem is sin; the answer is Jesus.”

    I’ll continue to explain who the Montana Human Rights Coalition is here, chiefly that their name alone is full of lies, and their website is even worse; they are not from Montana, they don’t care about human rights, and they are not a grassroots coalition.

    Montana Human Rights Coalition is an organization funded by out-of-state money, to affect the Montana political scene, masquerade as locals, and care nothing about civil rights. They are for open borders, the chief transport for sex trafficking. They support abortion, apparently, the civil right of life be damned. They support pedophilia and sexual grooming (drag queen storytime, anyone?), sexual perversion, and destruction of basic American values.

    Their website claims to have the purpose of saving Montana from the bugbear of “White Nationalism,” and “hate,” but if you’ve ever been at one of their events you can easily see which direction the hate is coming from. According to the group, a racist sky is falling as there is:

    • An anti-Native movement in Montana. Where? No idea. Maybe on a Reservation.
    • Militia movements (apparently citizens with a Second Amendment is downright terrifying).
    • Have produced a “Rapid Response Anti-Hate Guide,” in case anti-hate is, you know, like an emergency or something.
    • Listed “Patriots” as a hate group
    • It’s actively engaged in labeling every conservative movement, group, or candidate for office a “hate group.”

    As someone who runs a food bank for the hungry, provides humanitarian assistance on at least three continents, advocates for a border wall to stop human trafficking, the death penalty for rapists, pedophiles, and kidnappers, and pay for kids’ school lunch debts, color me surprised that the Montana Human Rights Coalition recently ran an expose’ on me exposing me as some kind of bizarre “hate preacher” (every sermon I’ve preached in a decade is here, so judge for yourself). Every single sermon is an exposition of Holy Scripture, so God only knows what they think of the human right of religion.

    Yet, in an expose’ entitled, Jordan Hall Wants You to Pay His Legal Bills (true, guitly) they bemoan the fact that the First Amendment has me wound up in court. Although only one case remains, of which I presume God has already figured out, there was an incident in which Town Pump temporarily banned me for telling a man he was a man. Apparently, objective reality and scientific facts are “hate.” Goodness, they hate science.

    After all, we aren’t funded by Washington D.C. Dark Money. Soros sends us no checks. We are Montana-owned and operated. I find a degree of justice and irony that this is a money-raising battle between the Beltway and regular Montanans.

    In reality, it was no doubt the “trust in Christ and repent of any kind of pride” that followed the declaration that led to the ouster. Nonetheless, a simple letter from my pro-bono attorney (no funding necessary) reminding them of the 1964 Civil Rights Act had Town Pump (revenue, 600 million per year) rescinding their order post-haste. My discussion was brief and polite, no tables were over-turned, no business delayed, no customers disturbed (except for the LGBTQ ally who came out to scream F-words and tell me I was going to hell for quoting the Bible).

    And then there’s the curious case of Adrian Jawort, who Montana Daily Gazette (I serve as publisher) reported the facts of his chicanery at the Montana capitol. He refused to give a comment prior to the article and asked for a retraction (without any substantiated reasons afterward). This apparently has provoked Planned Parenthood Attorney, Raph Graybill, and the Upper Seven Law Firm (who is suing the Montana Secretary of State over voter ID laws) to sue me for “libel.” Only days earlier, their client said it was for “transphobic hate speech,” which apparently is what it’s called when someone thinks pretending to be the wrong gender is wrong, and not playing make-believe with them is a crime.

    Anyway, after kicking Town Pump metaphorically between the legs and tucking their tail in one foul ‘welp’ as they ran away, we have the Democrat ‘Big Boys’ suing Knudsen, Jacobson, and little old me – a medium-sized church pastor in Sidney Montana for…well, exercising my human rights of speech and religion.

    So, who exactly is the Montana Human Rights Coalition?

    As previously reported…

    The Montana Human Rights Network is a pro-LGBTQLMNOP organization that also lobbies for infanticide. As you can see in the photo from the group’s Facebook page, they organize marches and rallies promoting sodomy throughout western Montana.

    The group supports pedophile storytime at local libraries and does its best to indoctrinate children with the anti-science mythology of “transgenderism.” Most recently, they were opposing HB112 and HB113, which forbade doctors from forcing underaged children to mutilate their genitals.

    The Montana Human Rights Network is a Pink Slime group, meaning that they appear to be locally funded and staffed, but are actually an out-of-state Dark Money organization designed to affect local politics. You can see how they spend their money below:

    Where does the organization get their money to promote murder and perverseness full-time? The answer is, in part, George Sorosa funder of the organization (see below or click hyperlink to the left).

    Montana Daily Gazette discovered their filing under our publication’s name today (see below).

    Although the filing does not say who filed it, it tells us their P.O. Box. Notice, the P.O. Box is 1509 Helena, MT. That’s the same P.O. Box as Soros’ Montana Human Rights Network (see below).

    Montana Daily Gazette’s attorney discovered the filing while preparing one for the publication. The filing name did not previously exist at the Secretary of State’s office because the publication operated under that of its owner (at the time), Gideon Knox. Ironically, the name will still be used by the publication now that it is being purchased by Montana investors (so the joke is on them, apparently).

    Apparently, the Montana Human Rights Coalition figured out from the beginning, back when Don Pogreba was calling us a “Pink Slime Blog,” the Soros front-group was busy stealing our name.

    But now, they’re trying to steal the reputation of Montana’s #1 News Outlet.

    Their article on me reads,

    “This fall, the extremist pastor Jordan Hall from Sidney, Montana, has made a huge show of touring local towns around Montana to claim he’s standing up for “God, County, and Family.” His real mission is to get other people to pay for his legal defense in lawsuits brought against him for his heinous attacks on LGBTQ+ people and their allies.”

    Meh. Partially true. My real mission has been spreading the Good News of Jesus, which is why at only roughly half of the events I spoke at was my famous felt hat laid out for donations. Is there suddenly a rule against taking donations? A law? Is this a faux pas and I didn’t know it? So did numerous groups I spoke at or with, including Arise USA, Red Pill, John Birch, anti-vax Groups, Persecuted Preacher Brandon Huber, etc. It costs money to travel the state, and also to pay an attorney to teach Raph Graybill a lesson that you don’t bring junk lawsuits to court against Matthew Freaking Monforton.

    What’s the controversy?

    By the way, about this word “extremist.” I hold, as does my church, to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. It’s a run-of-the-mill Baptist Confession, used for 332 years without controversy. The church is comprised of white people, black people, and Native Americans (sorry, that’s all we’ve got 🙂 I am a member of no militia group. I mean sure, the NRA, MSSA, USCCA, and John Birch, but that pretty well makes me mainstream in Montana. If I’m an extremist, what does that make the East Helena dudes in a dress?

    I also subscribe to Spotify, Consumer Reports, and give to Feed the Children. I guess that makes me a terrorist or something [shrugs].

    I mean, genuinely, being called an extremist by people who advocate convicted pedophiles have kids sit on their laps is the height of “I don’t give a crap.” This group literally takes money from a former Nazi Brownshirt. How am I the extremist again?

    Through posts on his [#1] extremist blog, Newspaper, the Montana Daily Gazette, and in-person interactions, he is targeting (scary language) people in the LGBTQ+ community (mob ) specifically trans folks, as they are going about their daily lives (not true, never has happened). Then he finds a reason to verbally attack share opinions to them or print (biologically accurate) information about them. When people use their “legal rights (safe-places) to protect themselves from Hall’s abuse (opinions), he lawyers up (like liberal’s aren’t lawyered up?), tries to hide (use) behind the First Amendment, and then begs puts out his hat in lieu of passing an offering plate for money to cover the lawsuits that he provoked by using the First Amendment (parentheses, strike-throughs, and emboldened print provided by MDG for clarification).  

    Once you clean up the propaganda, I don’t seem like that bad of a guy. Listen, folks. I’ve been a pastor for 22 years. I have opinions (a human right, Soros-folks) and they will, from time to time, be shared. They go on…

    Hall is using a strategy that we’ve seen other Far-Right activists deploy, including white nationalists like Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer.

    Of course, I’m on record denouncing White nationalism and racism in all its forms (especially CRT). I have a mixed ethnicity family (blacks, Indians; like, the original type) and (big announcement) and beginning the process of adopting a non-white child. Where’s the racism, exactly? Quotes? Soundbytes? Video? Of thousands of hours, where’s the racism. THis is a fallacy called “guilt by association.” The only irony here is that I’ve never met, interacted, corresponded, or in any way crossed paths with Anglin (who the #*$% is that?) or Richard Spencer.

    Geez. Try harder to make a connection. I believe in you, Montana Human Rights Coalition. In many hours of talks, surely you can find something that might, maybe, could be misconstrued as racist, other than being conservative. You’re not even trying.

    They go on…

    Hall frames his attacks on transgender people in overly dramatic terms, claiming that he is being attacked (PS, anybody see the footage of those monsters outside huber’s church?). The harmful narrative he’s hawking is that transgender people and the organizations that support them are the evil giant Goliath from the Judeo-Christian faith. Hall considers himself the rock that God is flinging to defeat Goliath.  

    We added the emboldened print.

    Correct. This paragraph is astute. Like the Sodomites who tried to kick in Lot’s door, the LGBTQ are coming for our children, mostly because a great many are pedophiles. and so yes, they are evil, just as Montana Human Rights Coalition is evil. My attorney said not to make inflammatory comments even if using the word “metaphor” so let it here be assumed. I’d love to be the rock. Accurate. Here’s what isn’t accurate….

    In his presentations, he admits that he’s having a hard time getting support around Sidney, so he’s looking for easy marks elsewhere. 

    Uh, not true. I will – in fact – donate 1k to Feed the Children – if the Montana Human Rights Coalition can produce any audio or video of me saying this.

    The fact is, I have not spoken on this topic near Sidney or Richland County so as to not taint the jury pool. I had a feeling Graybill would try to get a venue change, so the nearest I’ve spoken to home on this has been at least 260 miles away. Raph has got an uphill battle keeping money from coming in for my legal defense from Sidney or Richland County, should my venue ever be changed (he won’t receive it). I would say ‘God help him,’ but let’s be honest, that’s not going to happen.

    The Montana Human Rights Group goes on to mention groups I’ve not solicited for funds or spoken to, including the Flathead Liberty Coalition (never happened), Bundy’s People’s Rights group (never happened), and so on. Simply, put, they’re making stuff up. Neither have I spoken to any group, as they allege, with the word “Patriot” or “Liberty” in their name (PS WTHeck is wrong with those words?”) Perhaps the Montana Human Rights Coalition could explain the latter.

    They continue…

    Where do these donations go? Straight to his church. According to Hall, he’s running them through his church’s “Religious Liberty Fund.” 

    Word. Must suck for them to have a 501(c)3 (so do they), I guess.

    The rest of the article was typical LGBTQ+/-$ victimization and catastrophization. You know, every word is “violence,” every story “violence,” every metaphor “violence.” It’s pretty reputational damning stuff for a pastor with no criminal record or even credible (or non-credible) record of “violence.”


    There’s some more violence, right there.

    Now get a load of this irony. Under the heading, What Do We Do, they write:

    MHRN doesn’t list the times and locations of any of his rallies, because we refuse to give him attention and free advertising. 

    We don’t need any free advertising, other than that on our #1 newspaper in Montana and on our radio stations. Thank.You.Very.Much. Also, no one reads your crap-blog.

    “Thank you to everyone who has sent us information about his anti-LGBTQ tour,” they add. “Our best defense is to support LGBTQ+ community members and the organizations who support them. Any time or resources spent on refuting Hall (like purchasing the name, “Montana Daily Gazette” from the Secretary of State, as you have already done) is time wasted (agreed). Instead:

    Donate to pro-LGBTQ+ organizations or mutual aid groups that assist LGBTQ+ folks.

    In short, “Let’s use Hall to raise money.” Now you tell me. What was their complaint again?


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