“Dear Mayor Mark Johnson” Hurrah! “You Saved the Day!”


Dear Mr. Mayor Johnson,

I’m writing this brief note requesting that you make wise choices when selecting appointments in our county. As you may know, according to Romans 13 (KJV) of the Bible, which was used to form this great Constitutional Republic (not the mob rule ‘democracy’ claimed by the political/media illiterates), powers that be are ordained of God. Therefore they are actually ministers of God and as such, must be ruled by Him When such men consider themselves as gods, then we see the resulting destruction of empires throughout the course of history. 

We are a Christian nation, our laws are based on the Ten Commandments as Moses is engraved in stone, holding them above the doors of our Supreme Court building. Those who serve in our representative form of government are not to usurp authorities over that which they’ve never been granted powers. The recent so-called “pandemic” responses are the perfect example of a tyrannical government that was written about in our Declaration of Independence. These criminals are yet to be brought to justice, if not here then in the hereafter by God Almighty. 

Please consider filling these Health Board seat(s) with people who actually care about evidence-based on facts, not feelings; promote good health and safety not illegally dictate out of ‘the sky is falling’ mindset of fear and panic; listen to the concerns of the local constituents instead of the convicted felons known as the pharmaceutical industry, who have paid billions of dollars in fines over the years for their fraudulent products; stand up against any governmental overreach, ultimatums, blackmail, coercion, etc., known in the Oxford English dictionary as terrorists (long before under George Bush regime had changed the definition), especially the ‘federal government’ which was created by the states, not the other way around. ‘We the People’ are the government and will not be bullied by these terrorists who are obviously suffering under their taskmaster from the pit of hell. They are leading our beautiful nation to destruction and we must act quickly for our posterity’s sake. 

I have linked my recently published Op-Ed just in case you’d like to know a little more about me. Thank you for your time and consideration of these important matters.

Sincerely, Diana M.Southard (Op-Ed written by Southard, Patriot of Kalispell MT)

Of Special Note: Mayor Mark Johnson chose Rod Kuntz of Kalispell to be voted on by the Kalispell City Council for appointment to the health board. The Council voted 7-2 in favor of Kuntz. Kuntz was the BEST CHOICE our brilliant Mayor could have picked for this extremely important position. We are so proud of Mayor Johnson and Rod Kuntz both of whom stand for freedom in our community!


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