Op-Ed: Withhold Judgment on Gianforte’s Pfizer Investments; 10 Facts


Alright, let’s admit something as conservatives; Gianforte’s nearly 800k investment in Pfizer and its potential for what appears to be a clear conflict-of-interest doesn’t look good at all. Let’s cover the facts, ten of them in fact, and reserve judgment.

  1. Gianforte bought 800k(ish) in stock from Pfizer right before this COVID mess went down. In fact, I wrote an op-ed questioning his appointments of Big Pharma reps to his COVID-19 Taskforce back roughly one year ago and said – at the time – it reeks of a conflict of interest. If you want to get extra-conspiratorial, that’s up to you, but a great deal of State Representatives and State Senators curiously bought such stock and videos of Fauci game-planning a pandemic in 2018 don’t help the optics. New (to us) info shows Gianforte investing 3.6 million in pharmaceutical stock just before COVID-19 hit (it was enough to catch the eye of the national press; state press, per usual, had their heads up their you-know-whats). He’s not the only one, however. Other legislators have purchased between $2,662,448 and $8,342,349 in Big Pharma stock in the days leading up to the government-induced COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Gianforte is the #1 investor in such stock in Congress. As Open Secrets says, “Gianforte recently purchased stock in companies that might benefit from the COVID-19 pandemic, including Roche Holding AG, which won emergency approval from the federal government to sell an automated COVID-19 test.” But to be fair, he’s not the only one, but he was the richest member of congress, so one would expect his stock holdings to be huge.
  3. There is nothing untoward or unethical about investing in stocks based upon publicly available information. With Fauci promising a pandemic (on video), perhaps Gianforte was only doing what many of us do when we hear scuttlebutt about cattle or crypto-currency going to “bull market.” We buy up. Gianforte is smart; he gets it.
  4. We do not know if Gianforte had a personal hand in his own investments. At his level of life success, it is doubtful he doesn’t have a fund manager to handle the day-to-day investments of his portfolio.
  5. We do not know if Gianforte still has his stock in Pfizer. That’s for the Governor to say, and considering our story has been picked up by Natural News, a website of massive readership (besides Google killing on SEO and its ban in social media) he best get out and say it.
  6. Of the three vaccines available in the United States,
  1. Gianforte is promoting only the Pfizer vaccine, and not the other two, in those he does not own stock. State resources are only being used to push Phizer (this seems untrue with federal dollars, so far as we know, in certain localized clinics).

On the other hand, Gianforte’s DPHHS put a pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine being distributed in the state. To be perfectly fair, this is because the vaccine was tainted, dangerous, and deadly.

It does not prove that Gianforte was stifling a competitor. Other states, like California, made the same decision, which is weird for vaccines that are “safe and effective.”

7. This is the vaccine proudly promoted by Gianforte around the state. If he owns stock in the company, to the exclusion of the other two (Johnson and Johnson has been cleared by the CDC and considered safe), how this is not a conflict of interest? Conservatives have to answer this question. It’s like if Llew Jones used his power on the Appropriations Committee to purchase cars only from his car dealership. This should be addressed if we (and the governor) want to be honest and transparent.

8. Let me be very clear; people in Montana do not understand Gianforte’s continued public insistence that the vaccine is “safe and effective,” which (A) we largely do not believe (B) is presumptive at best (C) contrary to the facts (it killed 1,200 people in the first 90 days) and (D) if nothing else, unknown until longterm side-effects kick in. If Gianforte owns $800,000k the optics for the continued “safe and effective” mantra is not good.

9. It could be that Gianforte is being directed by the Big Pharma execs surrounding him, including his task force. Perhaps he is being told what to say and what agenda to push. This brings me little to no comfort.

10. This is the most positive; although it appears that Gianforte has a conflict of interest from what we know (see #5, above) in promoting the Phizer vaccine, especially to school children, which seems insanely irrational to those following the real science. However, Greg Gianforte got rid of the COVID-19 mandate (after punting first to the legislature, which, admittedly, annoyed many), requiring first the passage of SB65. He also signed HB702 – the only bill of its kind nationwide to pass and be signed – forbidding forced vaccinations.

In conclusion, if Greg Gianforte is guilty of a conflict of interest, he’s pretty bad at a conflict of interest. A real super-villain would have vetoed HB702 and allowed the governor’s office to let businesses discriminate based on vaccine status. At worst, and I mean at the very worst, Gianforte is guilty to schilling a potentially deadly vaccine as his recommended option for ending the pandemic.

Okay, now that I write it, that still sounds pretty bad. But remember, I said, “At worst.” The best-case scenario is that Gianforte is just an incredibly rich man whose pencil-pushing money manager bought some stock that was a good purchase at the right timing, without any insider information (a run on such stock by his legislative colleagues would be a pure coincidence in this scenario), at which point we should all be happy that Gianforte has profited financially (we should be happy when our neighbors prosper).

A city is happy when honest people have good fortune” Proverbs 11:10A

My advice to Governor Gianforte is (A) be honest and be transparent about your holdings and (B) for the love of all that is good and pure, show no preferential treatment to the Pfizer over the other potentially deadly vaccines. I mean, I’d rather the governor not promote experimental vaccines at all, but is there a governor in any of the 50 states doing that? Probably not.

Governor, we appreciate your signing of HB702 eternally. But the optics here, admit it, my friend, don’t look good.

And a final word for those who think the Montana Daily Gazette has lost our mind for running articles exposing Gianforte’s stock holdings…we report the news. We are not a shill for the Republican Party. Sure, we’re conservatives, but if we catch somebody with the hand in the cookie jar, their party doesn’t matter to us. We’re journalists. We’re just going to report the truth. Praise God we don’t have Cooney as our Governor, lest Big Pharma turns our entire state into a Banana Republic of fear-mongering, face-covering Chicken Littles who are still acting like this is March of 2020.

But, we’re not here to carry water for the governor. Is it a big deal that Diane Feinstein owns the software company responsible for voting machine “glitches”? Does it bother you that Nancy Pelosi owns 25 million of Apple Stock, which has censored every conservative app on its store? Well, these are the kinds of questions asked in the press. We’re the press. Gianforte has his questions. He should answer them. I suspect they would please or pacify us.

Ignoring us, or the questions at hand, would not please or pacify us.

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by Publisher, Jordan Hall]


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