Billings, Great Falls, Kalispell, Missoula,-Hypocritical School Superintendents Bash Arntzen-‘Open Mouth Insert Foot’


While several Montana School Superintendents set out to rip the top authority-Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction (Elsie Arntzen) to shreds, they seem to have forgotten that Montana Daily Gazette has written articles about them (these tyrants) for months and that now is the perfect time to recirculate the candid evidence where they incriminate themselves.

A recent article was published by the liberal news source (Daily Interlake) based in Kalispell, Mt., and published that Arntzen’s actions were “Unconstitutional,” quoting various school Superintendents. The statement was so comical and ludicrous it was preposterous.

A complaint letter was sent to Arntzen’s office, and look who’s in this line-up.

“The communication was submitted on Billings Public Schools letterhead and signed by the following superintendents, who noted they together oversee 45 percent of public school enrollment in Montana: Greg Upham, of Billings; Casey Bertram, interim superintendent, of Bozeman Public Schools; Rob Watson, of Missoula County Public Schools; Micah Hill, of Kalispell Public Schools; Godfrey Saunders, of the Belgrade School District; Thomas Moore, of Great Falls Public Schools; Jody Jonart, of Butte Public Schools; and Rex Weltz, of Helena Public Schools.”

Before we venture any further, please take time to read the following Montana Daily Gazette’s past articles exposing these oppressive, fascistic Superintendents (highlighted in black above and below) which will inform you that it is THEY who have been involved in activities that undermine the Montana State Constitution as well as being involved in illegal undertakings.

To read about Thomas Moore of Great Falls, click here.

To read about Greg Upham of Billings, click here.

To read about Rob Watson, click here.

Read about Micah Hill; click here, here, and here and here.

Elsie Arntzen had the fortitude, stamina, and bravery to stand against Critical Race Theory and stand up for Parental Right’s choice, and these Superintendents don’t like it. They exude tyranny and to a high degree. They don’t want parents having options and standing up to them. Arntzen is standing up for ‘We the People.’

May be an image of ‎1 person and ‎text that says '‎Superintendents vote "No Confidence"? The people of Montana voted DIFFERENTLY. Maybe it's the superintendents who need a vote of confidence. We believe in Elsie! MONTANA افح OROFVATA mn Daily Gazette‎'‎‎
Standing up against Marxism in Montana’s schools-Elsie Arntzen

This quote came from the recent letter penned by the Superintendents and sent to Arntzen’s office (and to her specifically) and is a complete joke.

“With limited resources and ever more obligations under state and federal law, it is increasingly difficult to provide the constitutionally protected education our children deserve while your office is simultaneously failing to provide the critical assistance we need,” the letter said. “The bottom line is that for us to best do our jobs, we need you to be doing yours.”

“Constitutionally protected education?” That is the most ludicrous statement these Unconstitutionally minded Superintendents could have ever come up with.

Look at what the Montana State Constitution has to say,

Educational Goals and Duties. Article X Section 1 of the Montana State Constitution reads, (1) “It is the goal of the people to establish a system of education which will develop the full educational potential of each person. Equality of educational opportunity is guaranteed to each person of the state.”

The MSC also clearly states that each student is eligible to be ensured an “equal and quality education.”

These dictatorial Superintendents do not follow the very Constitution they are holding Arntzen to. They are ravenous wolves out to destroy and control.

How is it possible to ensure “a quality and equal” education when they have masked up children and manipulated and controlled them? Children have been sick as a result of these atrocious contraptions with rashes, Staph Infections, asthma attacks, and on the list goes. How is it an “equal education” when children are quarantined and left depressed and stowed away from their peers, struggling and forlorn to get school done and getting horribly behind?

Arntzen isn’t the neglectful one not doing her job. THEY ARE.

They are unethical and involved in illegal activity. Rob Watson has manipulated students literally, telling them to get the toxic injections, or they will die. Thomas Moore illegally called a State of Emergency when it didn’t qualify under that category. Micah Hill is the grandaddy of unethical and illegal activity involving everything from not returning emails from concerned parents to not returning phone calls to flat-out bribery. Just this fall, he sent out emails to teenage boys telling them they wouldn’t be quarantined if they took the “vaccines,” which is total discrimination to the ones choosing to refuse the toxic injections. He alters the dates of emails and their deadlines. He brags about not closing down his precious schools for one day, but yet multitudes of students skip because of ridiculous abuse at the hand of his diabolical measures. And all these Superintendents quarantine well children, which is forbidden in the Montana State Constitution.

The laughable letter continued,

“Like you, we have educated hundreds of children,” the letter bragged. “Some days were hard, but most were calm and productive, and we ended the day feeling like we made a difference.”

This is a LIE. Children have skipped school in droves as they have been sick and tired of being forced to wear the mask of shame, they have been traced, they have committed suicide, and they have been quarantined against their wills. These manipulative measures are not “education”; they are communism.

Arntzen believes in the Founder’s Documents. She stated that ‘masking up children is abusive.’ And she knows it’s the parents who have preeminence above and beyond any “school board trustees or Superintendents” trying to throw their weight around.

Shame on these tyrannical Superintendents. Leave Arntzen alone, you brood of vipers.

Elsie Arntzen achieved Montana Daily Gazette’s coveted award, “Hero of the Week,” and here it is. Learn the truth about our outstanding ‘Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction.’


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