Alarming: Flathead County Commissioners, SOS, AG, House/Senate, and Governor Neglect ‘Notices of Demand’


We at MDG are back (once again) reporting on ‘The Constitutional County.’ We are now several weeks into our articles dissecting and informing our readers on this fascinating movement/program. Today’s article will cover several issues and topics on Election Fraud: county leader responsibilities, definitions of election/voting terms (especially regarding equipment), transparency, and fraud (we’re talking statewide here).

We URGE you to listen and watch last week’s Montana Gazette Radio show (KHDN 1230 AM-Harding, Mt.) where Kirk MacKenzie, Brenda Roskos, and James White engage in a “Community Forum.” Our radio program will give you a solid background for tackling and understanding election fraud and is quite interesting. Brenda Roskos’s role in this forum is to help by representing YOU, meaning the ‘public’ via a question and answer format. In other words, she stands in the gap to assist the public at large, helping them to understand the more complex issues concerning matters that ‘The Constitutional County’ aims to address by breaking it down into more manageable, more accessible terms for the average citizen to grasp and understand.

Let’s begin.

County, City, State, and Federal leadership is under all circumstances to submit, yield, come under, and be transparent according to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and at all times to ‘We the People.’ We have ultimate headship and authority over them, not the other way around.

Flathead County leaders and especially the County Commissioners must comply and submit to the county’s citizens in regard to total transparency, honesty, trustworthiness, and most importantly, nullify any action or premise that is unconstitutional, which is at the core of fraudulent elections. They are agents who work for us.

If you are anything like Roskos-you will need a few basics to help you understand the fullness of this election ‘stuff’ more like “Election for Dummies” or rather a crash course in the basics. Let’s get some definitions under our belt. (Familiarize yourself with the following chart. Refer to it when studying the following “definition terms” and the next paragraph which follows after.

The Flathead County Commissioners have been neglectful as has the Secretary of State-

Definitions of Terms:

  1. Hardware-A black plastic box-computers, boxes, and tabulators.
  2. Software-A program which runs the machines. These are simple programs reading minimal amounts of code. The software is public.
  3. eBallots-Is an online voting system used to gather instant results. Electronic Ballots form electronic data. This is a tabulated machine. All that comes out is a tabulated total, not individual accounts.
  4. Hard Drives-These are basic computers with hard disk drives. The data appears on these hard drives.
  5. Memory Sticks-Is a small device that connects to a computer that allows one to copy and store information. Essentially it’s a ‘thumb drive.’
  6. ES and S-ES and S stands for Election Systems & Software based out of Omaha, Nebraska, manufactures and sells voting machine equipment and services.

By observing the colored chart above one can see that the Flathead County Commissioners have abdicated their Constitutional responsibilities. This is highly disturbing and very serious.

Election Systems & Software control everything from overseeing individual precincts (nervous someone may touch their machines that ‘We the People’ preside over). They control the hardware, software, and all contracts. The Flathead County Commissioners, on the other hand, have gravely neglected their duties by not inspecting the hardware, software, or the eBallots. When asked by citizens of Flathead County to provide hard drives and memory sticks -which were erased- (totally uncalled for) along with security files to be accounted for they did nothing. A public hearing was held consisting of citizens and commissioners to which the latter did not respond to the requests of local citizens but instead “Rubber Stamped” (Certified the Election) everything through with only the totals tallied concerning votes but having no knowledge of the process plus they denied citizens access to the process which is beyond Unconstitutional.

The Secretary of State has likewise done the same and asked that the citizens of Montana not be allowed any information on the elections which took place as well. Would that not be an ‘Obstruction of Justice’?

Take a good look at the chart below which reveals the corruption and lack of acccountabily on behalf or our elected officials in the area of elections.

All the requests above have been ignored or not responded to, which is a significant problem.

Legal Filings have been ignored. Affidavits have been issued and ignored. Deadlines passed and were not met by officials. ‘No response’ has been ‘the response.’

“Notices of Demand” were issued and sent to the County Commissioners: Pam Holmquist, Brad Abell, Randy Brodehl, and Secretary of State Christy Jacobsen, as well as Attorney General Austin Knudson and Governor Greg Gianforte. The head of the Senate, Mark Blasdel and House, Wylie Galt, were contacted, and every senator and house representative were cc’d. None got back.

Horrifyingly, this is common and happening nationwide from state to state. It must be handled and dealt with at the county level and quickly. According to MacKenzie, ‘TCC’s founder, “There is a complete wall; this is being ignored nationwide.”

The problem lies in that the Federal Government has taken control over this system. Ultimately it comes under the heading of “Homeland Security” which is in essence the “FBI and the Deep State.”


MacKenzie continues, “There’s been a complete hi-jack of the election system by the Federal Government.”

Look at the following chart. Government is the PROBLEM.

Corruption by Montana’s elected officials and nationwide as well.

Given these facts, have their acts reached the threshold of being guilty of maladministration, malfeasance, obstruction of justice, interference with an investigation, even possibly sedition or treason?

The following is an excerpt of the ‘Notice of Demand’ sent recently to Montana’s elected officials.

In conclusion, “The founding of our Republic is threatened. The People’s confidence is shaken, not only in the election process and the 2020 General Election but in government itself. We can not, will not move forward, can not restore faith until there has been a full, honest, accurate, transparent, independent, constitutionally-driven, and immediate audit of the 2020 General Election, including all downline elections.

How can we as citizens become involved and help? It is imperative that you understand this ‘Notice of Demand’ and follow its guidelines to ensure that fair and legal elections take place.

Do NOT delay. Join the Constitutional County today. It’s FREE. Read. Learn. Join. Today is the day.


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