Billings MT: Yes, John Felton, the Flu does Exist!


John Felton is gravely mistaken. The flu has always existed, and recent tests prove that the seasonal flu is now in Billings (no shocker there). It’s a foolhardiness to believe such nonsense as health departments in Montana and nationwide ridiculously spouted, “There were no cases of the flu this year” (in reference to last year, that is). That’s pure hogwash.

BILLINGS, Mont. – Yellowstone County is reporting the first influenza cases of the season Tuesday.

“A release from Riverstone Health said the a woman in her 40s and another in a young child. RiverStone Health said these cases are not associated with one another and neither are hospitalized.

Montana had no lab-confirmed flu cases last fall and winter and few were confirmed in the country.

According to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, there have been 48 cases of the flu confirmed in Montana since October this year.” 

WRONG. Read the truth below.

It is pure fantasy to believe that there were “no lab-confirmed cases of the flu last fall and winter” in the state of Montana. MDG was informed concerning several folks who had received positive influenza cases last year via confirmed lab work.

Also, because “Covid” tests are faulty due to extremely high Cycle Threshold numbers set at 35-40 statewide throughout Montana (including this year and last year in Montana and where even King Fauci stated high threshold numbers created faulty tests) as well as the “Covid” virus not being isolated, a large number of “Covid” positive cases could easily have been the flu last year but not recorded as such.

Furthermore, as Felton presses citizens to get the “Flu Vaccine,” remember that many people nationwide have been injured and dangerously due to such vaccines throughout the years. Please read and watch the film clips revealing where 4000 victims of the “Swine Flu Vaccine” were harmed neurologically due to that flu inoculation.

Read the full article here about Billing’s recent cases of the flu and the crazy “Covid” madness.


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