BREAKING! Whitefish SB Drops Facial Devices! MDG a Colossal Contributing Factor!


Tonight (Tuesday, December 13th), a stunning victory took place! The Whitefish School Board, comprised of 7 persons, unanimously dropped the nasty and disgusting face masks for all school children! Over 50 parents spoke over “zoom,” expressing their disdain over the ‘dumb masks’ and demanding to get rid of them once for all. The Board voted collectively to go back to “Phase 3,” which essentially means “mask choice,” on January 3rd to let parents ‘plan’.

Plan what? “Can’t we just get rid of them now?” multiple parents lamented.

Many issues contributed to the removal of the filthy face rags, including the recent “data,” meaning “Covid” numbers are going down, and that the school has a new ventilating system. But the additional factors contributing to this fabulous conquest were HUGE; the school board felt pressured at the pushback via “Freedom Fighting Patriots” (my words).

Montana Daily Gazette wrote three articles last fall and showed up three times to protest (“Freedom of Assembly”) in front of City Hall and the Junior High Middle School in Whitefish, Montana; the Whitefish Pilot was slow on the uptake and wrote an article about the last protest and sided with the Unconstitutional actions of the Whitefish School Board.

Protestors were sick and tired of tyrannical measures being forced upon their grade school children, so Montana Daily Gazette articles suggested that perhaps going in front of the School Board members’ homes might be the next needed step to demonstrate the seriousness of unmasking the child victims. There were absolutely no threats when mentioning this move may need to occur; in fact, several patriots contacted the local WF police chief who stated it was perfectly legal if protesters were stationed within legal perimeters (meaning not on personal Board members property), so that was that. Protesting in front of the School Board members homes did not take place but was a viable option of consideration.

It seems that helped to unmask the despondent and disenchanted children in the WF school district.

Another critical and significant factor which helped the School Board members decide to act in a Constitutional manner and “free the children” was the following.


Because of the tyrannical measures implemented by the School Board, Whitefish School attendance has been down, and that’s where the ‘rubber met the road’.

Several parents pulled their offspring out of school once the decision to force frontal apparatuses was made, so they unrolled them and high-tailed it to Columbia Falls and Kalispell schools, where their families weren’t forced to comply with tyranny.

Tonight’s zoom meeting was met with very concerning and compelling comments via parents who, quite frankly, had had ENOUGH.

One mother lamented, “Parents are talking about how their kids come home depressed because you can’t see anybody smile with those masks on” (referring to how students are unable to view other students’ expressions).

One parent wanted to speak out on Critical Race Theory but kept getting shut down. When the parent finally was allowed to speak, they revealed that most of the “kids in the valley up at ‘Pathways Treatment Center’ attended ‘Whitefish Schools’ and were there because they were so gendered confused.” That spoke volumes.

In Summary, a victory was won today and largely because-

  1. Parents and community members protested and didn’t let up-they protested not one but three times last fall.
  2. They and the ‘freedom-minded press’ (Montana Daily Gazette) let their intentions of ‘Peaceful Assembly’ and ‘Freedom of Speech’ be known and were serious in their intentions.
  3. Parents withdrew their children from a tyranny enforcing school, which hurt them economically.
  4. Parents didn’t let up, meaning got on zoom calls and let their voices be heard!
  5. A group of concerned Whitefish Citizens collected signatures intending to recall the entire Whitefish School Board.

One concerned parent revealed the following, “School Board meeting in Whitefish tonight.. beginning Jan 3, 2022, no required face diapers K-12. It’s about dang time! Good grief. Fun fact.. 3 board members are closely related to Logan Health staff members (who has profited over 30 million dollars already from this ‘plandemic’) .. unlike other school board members across the valley. Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

Articles written by Montana Daily Gazette opposing the dictatorial mask mandates of the WF School Board can be read here and here.

To read about the Whitefish School Board recall read here.

These are vital lessons to be learned. Never back down-always stand up-stay involved-expose evil-stand and keep standing!


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