Great Falls Tribune Fails At Journalism, Runs Hit Piece on Sheriff, Christians


This might come as a surprise if… never mind. I could not think of a scenario in which this could possibly come as a surprise. As a pastor of a Reformed Baptist Church, I side with the Bible, two thousand years of church history, and objective reality on issues related to human sexuality.

Where are the stocks, right?

I don’t know where Sheriff Jesse Slaughter stands on issues like homosexuality, “transgenderism,” or furries. I never asked. I presume we both agree on one thing though; you have the legal right to stick your bodily organs wherever you have permission to stick your bodily organs, and nobody is trying to take that right from you.

As a Sheriff, I presume Slaughter is slightly less concerned than I am about where that might be. He’s probably as concerned – perhaps more so – about the protection of people’s constitutional rights than I am because he’s paid to protect those rights. And being weird is a right. I know this because there are a lot of “transgender” people with skinny jeans, purple hair, and pierced noses who think I’m weird and nobody has tried to lock me up yet, including Sheriff Slaughter.

On December 4, the Great Falls Pachyderm held their annual Christmas Party. It broke some records and had to have overflow speaking. Congressman Rosendale was first invited to keynote the event, but his delay left them stuck with me (he later agreed, but it was too late and the organizers to kind to bump me). Also speaking was Dr. Al Olszewski and Lola Sheldon Galloway. The menu was prime-rib. It was excellent.

A cold chill went over the event (or I imagined it) when a reporter for the Great Falls Tribune sat down with her mask (she was the only one with a facial diaper) and camera. I sat next to her, explaining I had some words to speak about her employers, and not to take it personally; I expressed I’m sure she was a fine human. I then instructed Montana Gazette Host, Jim White, to make sure she had anything she wanted to eat or drink, on us. She seemed nice.

My talk was below. You’ll notice the amount of time I devoted to (rightly) ridiculing fake media.

Important timestamps: 10-minute mark, “How many of you trust, like, or appreciate, the work Montana Daily Gazette give an applause?” The room erupts in applause.

Timestamp 10:21 mark: “If you feel the same way about the Great Falls Tribune, raise your hands.” It was met with laughter and boos, but no applause.

I went on for several minutes after that, explaining how awful the Great Falls Tribune is, in particular, mentioning that they ran Raph Graybill’s legal document from a fake news organization out of Washington D.C.

Oh, and I picked on the Great Falls some more…click to hear the video of more Tribune-spanking in this Facebook thread.

The rest of the video speaks for itself. Other talks from various speakers were also recorded.

A week later – because apparently, they write each copy with quill pens at Great Falls Gazette – news moves really slowly over there. The reporter, to whom I promised hospitality, called to ask the nature of my relationship with Sheriff Jesse Slaughter.

I immediately asked, “Are you running a hit-piece on Jesse?”

I’m in the news. I’m not stupid. I knew what kind of garbage article they would produce. At the event, I saw Jesse, across, the table, and we politely waved at each other. But that small exchange had nothing to do with the Pachyderm event which wasn’t even mentioned in the article at all. The reporter might as well had not been present.

The article, citing the feels of some homosexual folks concerned about “our relationship” was quoted. I was not asked to comment on similar issues by the reporter. I was, however, asked, about a medallion he gave me this Fall at an event in Great Falls. I explained that nearly every elected official and military officer carries these to give to 8-year-olds and that I hardly know Sheriff Slaughter, except from what I’ve seen at his own public speaking engagements, like at the Montana GOP where one of the photos the Great Falls Tribune was taken. The man does seem admirable, for what it’s worth. Montana Gazette praised Slaughter when he mildly rebuked a judge for throwing a man in jail for not having a mask; I didn’t know he was a Democrat at the time; it didn’t matter. He did the right thing.

But let’s not lose sight of what’s important, here. Let’s not lose the forest for the trees.

The Great Falls Tribune sent a reporter to the Pachyderm under the auspices of reporting about it. It reported nothing about it. It was completely written ahead of time, merely by knowing the keynote speaker (yours truly) and that Slaughter would likely be present.

But as bad as I feel for Slaughter, being irreparably tainted by having on two occasions taken photos with a pastor, it should be noted who the Great Falls Tribune thinks is tainting.

Chiefly, those who are “homophobic” with whom photographs may not be taken include anyone who believes the Holy Bible on the topic of human sexuality including Christian Protestants, Mormons, Roman Catholics, and then a whole bunch of people who are hesitant to choose a specific religious tradition but see the wisdom in the Holy Book.

But, hey. The LGBTQ+ “community” in Great Falls is upset over this. Let’s see who has more numbers in the next primary. Good luck with that.


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