Lame Deer MT: Man Attacked and Killed by Pack of Dogs-Police Negligent

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A 58-year-old man was attacked and killed by a pack of dogs (four dogs) and left naked and bloody. This isn’t the first time that dogs have attacked residents of Lame Deer, Montana. Residents lamented; “the police do nothing about it.

The family of Duke Little Whirlwind told MTN News on Monday that a pack of dogs killed the 58-year-old man in what they described as a disturbing trend plaguing their community.

Family members said Whirlwind was found dead Sunday.

“My brother George saw him lying there, all of his clothes ripped off, naked,” said Avalee Little Whirlwind, Duke’s niece. “He was face down, and those dogs were still running around.”

In a news release issued Tuesday, the BIA confirmed the cause of death.

This is not the first incident involving dogs in the town.

“It’s a very big problem,” Avalee said. “People walk around with scars on them. There’s been near-death experiences.”

“(It happens) all the time,” said longtime Lame Deer resident Tom MexicanCheyenne. “They’re reported to law enforcement, but nothing ever gets done. They say it isn’t their responsibility.”

Tom MexicanCheyenne, a Lame Deer resident of some 40 years, backed up Avalee’s claims, telling KRTV that these kinds of attacks happen “all the time.”

He claimed that though the incidents are reported to the local Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Police , “nothing ever gets done.”

“They say it isn’t their responsibility,” MexicanCheyenne said.

Avalee later challenged BIA over their perceived lack of action and threatened to “shoot these dogs myself” in a warning that resulted in her being put in handcuffs, though she was eventually let go.

Since then, she confirmed that the owners of the four dogs alleged to have been responsible for the killing have been shot dead by their owners.

Avalee was reportedly shown the spot where they were killed and subsequently took pictures of the dogs that were shot dead.

Read the full story here and here.


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