More Micah Hill Madness-‘Kids Allowed’ to Skip-Fail


Once again (and it’s been going on for almost two years), chaos and confusion reign in School District 5 in Kalispell, Montana, under the notorious headship of Micah Hill School Superintendent of District 5 in Flathead County.

“Ever since ‘Covid’ schools are a huge mess; it’s ruined everything” quipped a private schooled student who is close friends with a large number of high schoolers who attend Flathead and Glacier High Schools in Kalispell, Montana.

Another student who attends FHS shared, “The teachers tell us that because of ‘Covid’ they can’t make us come to class.”

Hill for months on end has bragged how School District 5 of Flathead County “Has not shut down it’s doors for even one day” since the nutty Covid craze has ensued.

That may be true, but what he’s not telling you is for a year and a half, teenagers from both high schools (Flathead and Glacier) have been flunking classes like never before because they are ALLOWED to skip then are made to attend “summer school” to gain yet then another attempt to pass!

That is ludicrous reasoning.

These schools are entirely out of control. Between this ‘skipping’ craze’ which is allowed, along with students falling grossly behind because of quarantining them (most of whom are perfectly well but struggle to keep up with school work while at home), it spells disaster.

What’s even more confusing is that these students who are allowed to skip get confusing texts toward the end of the semester, as do their parents. “If Johnny is hoping to graduate this year he will need to come to class and not skip anymore and get all the rest of his work in.”


There is so much confusion and chaos at these schools under the headship of this inept Superintendent and his crony School Board Trustees that it’s unbelievable!

Confusion and chaos abound when kids are allowed to skip but then expected NOT TO FAIL

Ironically, a homeschool mom offered to help tutor confused public school teens to get them caught back up so they could graduate and not be forced into yet another summer school term.

Hill is unfit, so is his School Board SD5; he’s a disaster, and so are they.

But what can we expect from a man who doesn’t even have the tenacity or honor to call our State Superintendent of Public Instruction to work through ‘issues.’

There will be more articles coming on this man and his team of misfits. Stay tuned.

This Op-Ed was written by Montana Daily Gazette staff -Brenda Roskos who is close friends with many public school students attending Glacier and Flathead High Schools and has first-hand accounts of these testimonies.


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