Op-Ed: Before Roe V. Wade Was Decided, Abortion was Proven to Be Extermination


The United States Supreme Court is currently considering an abortion case. One of the common views regarding abortion is the Supreme Court of the United States fully examined abortion back in 1973 under the case Roe vs. Wade. The Supreme Court was thought to have made their determination in Roe vs. Wade, through extensive and objective analysis using all of the scientific and medical information available at the time. They concluded human life did not occur at conception. The Supreme Court decided a child in the womb was not a ‘person,’ and thereby had no Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

— Abortion was scientifically and Medically Proven as an Extermination Protocol before Roe vs. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court in 1973! —

Having searched back decades into the records I found an amicus curia brief filed on October 15, 1971, that provided medically and scientifically-validated facts, which proves human life begins at conception. This newly found brief also proves the Supreme Court was fully aware infants in the wombs of their mothers were alive well BEFORE Roe vs. Wade was decided.

This amicus curiae brief was made by non-litigants, in order to provide the Court with pertinent material with which to make a scientific determination. The amicus curiae brief in question was made by Physicians, Professors, and Fellows of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

They argued in favor of protecting the lives of young children in the protective wombs of their own mothers. Approximately 221 doctors signed onto this Amicus curia brief. The Medical Bibliography of the brief included approximately 148 different medical and scientific citations. 

This amicus curiae brief revealed that before Roe vs. Wade was decided, the medical knowledge at the time was proof that all these medical professionals concluded human life began at conception.

The Doctors stated, “The immediate and intended consequence of an induced abortion is the destruction of the life of the unborn.” They also stated, “Modern obstetrics has discarded as unscientific the concept the child in the womb is but tissue of the mother.”

The brief was bold in its assertion:

It is our task…to show how clearly and conclusively modern science — embryology, fetology, genetics, perinatology, all of biology — establishes the humanity of the unborn child. The submitted data not only shows the constitutionality of the legislature’s effort to save the unborn from indiscriminate extermination but in fact suggests a duty to do so.

One of the interesting aspects of this particular brief is the medical professionals did not tend to refer to the developing person in the womb of its mother as a fetus.

Rather, they used truthful terms, such as:

–The Unborn

–The Unborn Person

–The Unborn Child

–The Newly Formed Child

–The Child in the Womb

–The Mother and Her Child

–The Developing Human Being in the Mother’s Womb

–A New and Unique Being

This is very interesting because these professionals called abortion “indiscriminate extermination.”

These professionals knew scientifically abortion was not a medical procedure, but a sinister device of “extermination.” They knew scientifically, “From conception, the child is a complex, dynamic, rapidly growing organism.”

The Doctors assertively told the Supreme Court, “At fertilization, a new and unique being is created.” And this new life contains everything it needs to grow into an adult person, because, “The genetic pattern set down in the first day of life instructs the development of a specific anatomy.”

This is just amazing. The brief uses all kinds of references, legal and medical, and scientific references. The baby in the womb is a baby — it’s dramatically provable.

However, the Supreme Court, in 1973 made their decision that babies in the wombs of their mothers were not really babies. Rather, the United States Supreme Court merely ignored medical and scientific facts that prove a baby is a human being!

The Supreme Court did not consider the fact that it’s obvious from medical and scientifically factual and provable evidence, babies are human at conception. This supremely misguided court discounted all of the truth and made up their own reasoning that they would support the extermination of the youngest citizens of the United States of America. These justices are in many respects responsible for the extermination of over 60 million babies.

Remarkably, we see people hanging onto every word from the Supreme Court regarding abortion today. Rather, Americans should not put hope in the Supreme Court, and recognize abortion is the extermination of the most precious and vulnerable amongst us. What the Supreme Court decides will never change the truth.

THE HOLY BIBLE tells us all babies are made in the image and likeness of THE ALMIGHTY GOD. And HE has no exceptions because all human babies are precious to HIM. Unquestionably, the People of the United States of America should act to fully protect all children living in the wombs of their own mothers.

Patrick Gould, Professor of Law


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