Peoria AZ: Math Gone Woke-Math Gone Rogue


Math isn’t about balancing your checkbook anymore or basic adding, subtraction, or division. Math is about driving an agenda right through the roof.

Math has gone full bore radical leftist agenda. Take a look at the graph below and what one Arizona mom had to say.

Math gone ‘rogue.”

One mom in Peoria AZ had this to share.

“No more solving for “X”-now you solve for the racist. Above a graph tells kids that conservatives are the most racist. The math curricula you see was proposed for Paradise Valley District in AZ.”

Math used to be the most basic and routine out of all the school subjects. It was a logic-based system where facts and truth and absolutes prevailed. Now? Math is an indoctrinating, anti-white, pro-brainwash, liberal battle force to be dealt with. Parents need to pull their kids out of these public indoctrination factories before the floodgates break completely and students drown.

It takes the flipping of the entire school board to make this woke math go away. So stand up and run! And if your area doesn’t get enough decent people to run the district then bail. Start your homeschool or co-op with other families.


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