Teaser: 200 Cow Elk Lounge and Cruise Columbia Falls MT-(Video Included)


About a week ago (and right near the end of hunting season), a massive herd of cow elk was seen lounging (bedded down) off Hwy 206 in Columbia Falls, MT.

As our family was a little behind schedule (we were headed to Havre for a weekend of hockey), we continued past the lazy herd of ‘lady’ elk towards our destination without stopping to gawk at those amazing animals. As I tend to LIVE with my up close reading spectacles on, I could not at first recognize that those ‘creatures’ bedded down were elk. I quickly thought, “Those couldn’t be elk. They are so hard to find!”

At first glance, I pondered quickly and thought, “Hmmm, that’s a lot of sheep (elk and sheep have similar coloring, sort of a variegated brownish-gray hue), but sheep aren’t usually that big.” Then I thought, “Those are huge deer!”

Right as we passed the end of the herd (who were just resting on someone’s property casually as could be), I slapped my husband’s arm and announced “That’s a herd of elk! There must be 200 of them! And it’s not an elk farm that ‘raises them’ for commercial guided outfitter clients!”

Ok, that’s not true. That’s not exactly how I phrased it, but that’s what I thought!

I knew asking to go back for pictures would never fly, plus Hwy 206 is narrow and not the easiest to turn around on so I figured that was that and down the road we continued.

So I sighed as we drove past, dreaming of seeing those beautiful elk again but figuring they’d be long gone by the time we drove through that area again.

And then it happened.

About a week later, a woman on Facebook posted a video clip of that same herd crossing the highway! (Highway 206 intersects with Highway 35, as you can read at the top of the video.)

So enjoy this awesome video of these majestic creatures! Click here to view.


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