Busted: “Crazy Mary’s Fish and Chips” Billings-Steeped in ILLEGAL Activity-


“Crazy Mary” (owner of Crazy Mary’s Fish and Chips-Billings) just got a whole lot crazier. She’s involved in illegal activity.

Mary may not realize it but requiring that people be vaccinated before entering her eating establishment is illegal according to House Bill 702.

To read House Bill 702 and the law that Mary is breaking, click here.

Below is the article published by the liberal press about “Mary.”

BILLINGS – When you approach the front door of a favorite Billings restaurant, you’ll now be welcomed with a bright pink sign, alerting customers they can only enter if they’re vaccinated.

That’s the case at the legendary eatery Crazy Mary’s Fish and Chips on Sixth Avenue North.

And owner Mary Jackson has a pretty good reason for it: She says it’s to keep people safe.

“To feed my customers safely,” she said.

But her new policy doesn’t seem to be impacting her business. By Friday afternoon, during the lunch rush, the small and quaint restaurant is packed with loyal customers.

“Being an owner and the only employee, I’ve got nothing to lose,” she said.

Her policy is firm, and it’s due to her family being impacted by COVID.

To read the article in its entirety and see the video, click here.

This is not true. Mary could have everything to lose as what she’s enforcing is illegal.

Sorry Mary, but this won’t fly in Montana.

In the state of Montana, it is forbidden by law to discriminate between the unvaccinated and vaccinated. In other words, “Crazy Mary” will have to take her “Covid Vaccine” sign down ASAP. The video within the article tries to make Mary sound brave, where really she’s just ignorant, as are all the news sources who published her story and didn’t reprimand her for doing what’s against the law.

News sources published sentences like, “A possible first for eateries in town,” referring to Mary enforcing the “Covid Vaccination” for folks to enter her establishment. Still, they (meaning-multiple news sources and “Crazy Mary”) are in for a rude awakening and soon. Yes, Mary, there’s a reason you’re “the first” (trying to enforce this craziness), and that’s because many business owners realize that it is illegal for them to enforce such nonsense as “Vaccine” mandates to enter their place of business.

Don’t forget many legislators and advocates worked and fought hard to get House Bill 702 passed, and they aren’t about to let “Crazy Mary” or any other businesses slide by with this.

Kristen Juras-Lieutenant, Governor of the state of Montana- has been approached and will be contacting this establishment asap.

Stand up for liberty, Montana-you‘re genuinely the last best and freest state in the union.

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