Montana Counties and Agencies Work for ‘We the People’-Citizen’s Take Charge!


This week Montana Daily Gazette will be covering Blueprint No.3 of The Constitutional County entitled “Reform Local Government.”

What exactly does that entail? We will cover this in detail and with examples.

“The function of local government is to preserve the Founding Principles; protect the lives, liberty, property, rights, and pursuit of happiness of its constituents; to advance their economic interests; and to create an inspiring future for their children. It is not its function to dictate to the people, serve outside interests, advance cultural agendas, or redistribute wealth.”

Each citizen residing in each county in Montana needs to know and understand the role of each respective County’s Charter. Citizens need to understand the duties of the county leaders and hold them accountable in every way. Citizens need to oversee these leaders as we employ them. Commissioners especially tend to merge into ‘Big Government’ and leave ‘We The People’ behind. We cannot just blindly trust these Commissioners.

OF SPECIAL NOTE: Because counties can demand property taxes at the threat of seizing our properties, we are taken for granted.

There are many questions we must ask ourselves as Montana Citizens as well as actions we must take.

  1. Citizens MUST oversee subpoena powers, arrests, fines, and engage the Sheriff if necessary.
  2. This must take place OUTSIDE legislative, executive, and judicial oversight.
  3. Obtain a CAFR-Certified Annual Financial Report. Flathead County, for example, has over $250 million in cash accounts. Find out where that funding comes from. Also, find out where it goes: Salaries? Pension funds? Third parties? Materials? Education? Infrastructure?
  4. Each department MUST be questioned. Who has control over what specifically and what exactly is within the budget?
  5. Do these leaders have political biases? Find out, ask questions and be specific.

Special Voting-should take place with a ballot questionnaire where ‘The People’ should vote directly on issues of concern. What do ‘The People’ want concerning central issues? Various departments must be rated.

Local government agencies (and yes is Montana) have violated their fiduciary responsibilities by selling out to the highest bidder. ‘We the People’ have been thrown under the bus by our government ‘leaders’ who do not effectively represent us anymore.

These Are Illegal Violations of Agency

Here is where the corruption lies.

These “Authorities” are out of control! They themselves aren’t under authority; they are involved with third parties, are fraudulent (remember our last article on elections?), misrepresent us, comingle funds, and so on.

‘Foreign and Special Interests’ have taken over, which is debilitating.

Local and state governments give in to those who buy them off, plain and simple.

Take a look at the chart below.

The Blue area constitutes what’s expected; however, the Red zone is what is happening from County to County nationwide in every state.

These are serious problems. Let’s look at another chart showing where our local government agencies are selling us out.

Local government was never at any time meant to be under the Federal Government. Ever.

The Federal Government is not acting in the best interest of the county.

  1. The Federal Government can not dictate to the states what to do, and likewise, the states cannot expand the powers of the Federal Government.
  2. The Supreme Court states we are a federation.
  3. The Federal Government bribes the states via funding.

Let’s take a look at several local (Flathead County) examples of corruption.

FEDERAL COVID FUNDING– School funding from the Federal Government, creates a mess. Micah Hill, Superintendent of School District 5, for instance, received two raises last spring in March and April totaling $12,000. In return, “Hill” feels he must ‘earn’ his raise and bow to the “Covid God” as that is where the funds came from. Hill masked up children forever because of these raises and imposed the quarantining of well children because he felt he needed to fulfill the “Covid narrative” due to the Federal cash he received.

UNIONS-Now let’s talk about Unions, another evil in our counties. Unions such as SEIU are funded in part federally and by private gurus such as Goerge Soros and Biden. They control counties bringing in crime, BLM, and Antifa. Their members are forced to give back to the head companies. They are corrupt. Teachers Unions are federally funded and control local schools in numerous ways, such as unconstitutionally shutting down our schools due to “Covid,” which brought many horrific results such as student depression and suicide.

ELECTIONS-If you go back and read last week’s article linked here, you will see the statewide noncompliance issues concerning the deep problems with former elections. Also, George Soros donated to every Secretary of State to help them become elected. That was/is a massive conflict of interest.

STAKEHOLDERS-Recently ‘Glacier Tourism’ is sinking its teeth into 7 Montana Counties and will try to influence them via dark money in order to promote ‘Sustainable Tourism’ meaning ‘Green Agendas.’

All of this ‘outside influence’ needs to be eliminated immediately!.


  1. Criminalize all Outside Influence- Hold each individual accountable for illegal actions.
  2. “Can’t Vote? Can’t Contribute!” Campaign financers who cannot vote within a specific county should have no say.
  3. Eliminate National Parties– Get rid of and eliminate the two parties as both lead back to Washington D.C.
  4. Citizen Participation-Citizens need to represent the county at all times.
  5. Transparency-All local leaders are to be transparent; hold them accountable in every way.
  6. Prosecute– Have those who’ve broken the law prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if needed and not a mere misdemeanor.

Again we invite you; we urge you to join ‘The Constitutional County.’ Do not delay; it is entirely free, and we have all the materials you need to take your county back.

Click here to begin this essential and Constitutional journey!


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