Please Consider a Christmas Offering to Stop Planned Parenthood’s Attorney and Defend the First Amendment


In what his client, Adrian Jawort, called “transphobic hate speech,” a lawsuit now dubbed “The Great First Amendment Trial” is underway. Promising to sue anyone opposing bills to protect kids from genital mutilation surgeries, the man who called himself, “a fu__ing Indigenous Queen of these Indian Lands” is suing Montana Daily Gazette publisher, JD Hall (me), and my publishing organization, Gideon Knox Group. His attorneys are Raph Graybill, who is currently suing Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen to over-turn pro-life legislation on behalf of Planned Parenthood, and the Upper Seven Law Firm, who is currently suing the state to overturn key voter ID laws.

I, on the other hand, am a medium-sized church pastor nestled away in the quiet Montana prairie, who happens to publish conservative and Chrisitan websites and manage like-minded radio stations, as well as operate a consulting business to Christian and conservative clients.

Since praying with Pastor Cary Gordon of Cornerstone World Outreach, whose prayers gave me a second wind of strength with the Holy Spirit’s power, I decided to use the opportunity to take the fight to them…to preach in various geographical locations where Raph Graybill, the Upper Seven Law Firm, and the LGBTQ consider their strongholds. With a total of 65k miles placed on my pickup truck in the last few months, I’ve traveled the state to speak on this topic and with it, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Lord has done nothing but bless us since this lawsuit began, with relationships formed all around the state, with speaking opportunities around the country, with the gifting of management of a strategically important radio station (and another, much larger station will soon broadcast our programming on New Years Day or soon thereafter), I’ve been able to speak to thousands of people in Central and Western Montana, and as far away as California. Locally, I’ve said or done nothing except to call my church to petition God in prayer to dispel this evil and for the souls of the evil ones.

With a lawsuit projected to cost in the six figures, I have twice requested funds to our email lists and our church set up a tax-deductible Religious Liberty Fund to take care of that lawsuit expense. God has slowly but surely answered that much of that prayer, one dollar at a time from people around the country and around the world. And yet, we still have much money yet to raise and must wait with great patience to see what God will do with this frivolous suit.

Questions abound: Who will oversee this case? Where will this venue be held? At what point will the big-money donors to the transvestite’s lawsuit decide their eventual loss is not worth the expense? How will this case end? We do not know, but I have some commitments to you, our readers:

1. We will not yield. We are fully prepared, with God as our witness, shield, and buckler to see this to the end. Whether District Court, the State Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit, or the U.S. Supreme Court, we will go as far as we have to go.

2. I will vigorously defend the Word of God, wherever and whenever given the opportunity. I will do so aggressively, assured of the Bible’s truths, and completely unashamed of its teachings.

3. We make no apology for our beliefs, our values, the Holy Bible, or our convictions. In fact, I dare to say, if God wants this battle, he chose a servant who has 20 years of ministry under his belt, 10 of which are in polemical theology, to be the tool he’s chosen for the job. That is humbling, and an honor.

I would ask you personally, as the publisher of MDG, to consider a tax-deductible Christmas gift through our church’s Religious Liberty Fund to support this cause.

If you prefer to give from your phone to this fund, instead of mailing a check, you may text any numerical amount to 406-747-2231 and follow the prompts to give directly from your phone.

To give through the mail, follow the instructions in the image (above).

What the Planned Parenthood attorney and LGBTQ lobby want is to shut down the #1 news site in Montana, that savaged his attempts to win election as Attorney General and who was summarily shut down in an amazing defeat by nothing but the power of journalism. What Satan wants is to shut down Gideon Knox Group, which operates some of the world’s largest and furthest-reaching Christian websites.

With that said, here’s the thing; we are not desperate. We are not desperate because God is 100% in control of his situation because it is his battle. I’m only the one blessed enough to be chosen to sit in the middle of it. So if you have needs like utility bills, Christmas expenses, or missionary salaries or tithes to give, give there. If can spare anything extra, then and only then, please give to our fund. If you can give generously, please do so.

And finally, giving is not the Reason for this Season. The Reason for the Season is that God has already given to us. He gave us his Son, Jesus Christ. Conceived of the Holy Ghost, born in a manger, and living a vicarious life and dying a substitutionary death, Christ paid our debts. And then, God-in-flesh, Immanuel (God With Us), rose again from the dead.

Please repent of your sin, and believe the extremely Good News of the Gospel. If you have already done so, do one more thing for me; pray that Raph Graybill, Adrian Jawort, and the gals at Upper Seven Law Firm come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and that he might change their heart to repent of their anger and hatred towards God, and believe that Good News.


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