IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED! MT Family Calls for Protesters Outside Maryland Funeral Home!


Tragedy has struck and in more ways than one.

Originally David Simms was going to travel to Montana to visit his family. That however did not happen as Simms (46) passed away in Maryland on December 24th Christmas Eve day.

Jean Howard (David Simms’s mother) and sister (both of Flathead County) are as of RIGHT NOW traveling to Maryland to pay their respects and view their beloved one more time. All has gone awry, and unconstitutional mandates in the state of Maryland are trying to prohibit the family from entering Ruck Funeral Homes in Baltimore, Maryland.

Howard has not seen her son in years, but due to her stanch Patriotic beliefs and Constitutional stand refuses to enter anywhere wearing a mask. She believes the funeral home should allow loved ones to see deceased family members regardless. It’s unconstitutional, and neither she and her daughter traveling with her will stand for it.

The Montana family have been traveling since Monday but were only informed today of the mask mandate.

Howard is putting a request out to the people of Maryland.

She calls on Patriots who feel as strongly as she does to stand up and protest outside the funeral home, defending their “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Assembly” to be honored and allow families in maskless to view and pay respects to departed loved ones.

Tomorrow at noon (Thursday, December 30th), there will be a viewing of Simms’s body.

Howard and family request that protesters show up with signs stating, “Allow Unmasked Families In!” “Allow Loved Ones to Enter Unmasked!” Anything of that nature would be greatly appreciated. Also, calling Ruck Funeral Homes and petitioning that loved ones be allowed to pay their respects (unmasked) to those who’ve passed is requested.

If you are in Maryland and would consider protesting to that end here is the address.

Phone calls are greatly appreciated from ALL STATES NATIONWIDE to the funeral home presenting the unconstitutional mask mandates and requesting at least family members be let into viewings unmasked.

Howard and family thank you for all your support!


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