Betty White’s Death Suspicious Causes-“I’m Lucky to Still be in Good Health.”


Betty White touted and thankfully so about what excellent health she was in. It was her crowning glory, and she would even kid around that she ate “hot dogs and vodka every day” and “never ate anything green.” She talked about how great she felt and how lucky she was, and how she was looking so forward to her 100th birthday coming up soon. Of course, she was just joking about the greens, hot dogs, and vodka, we hope.

Betty White was deceived. The chances are her “booster” was probably her third toxic injection and she had possibly gotten two prior ‘Covid’ injections. We’ve written at Montana Daily Gazette many articles concerning especially elderly folks who get the toxic shot(s) and then die (usually following the second one) or, in White’s case, following her third which was the booster.

People Magazine spoke too soon, probably in hopes she really would live to be 100. Who wouldn’t love to see that? (And most likely to sell magazines).

People Magazine spoke amiss..

One fan, in particular, had this to say.

“Recently Betty White had become outspoken for the Marxist/Communist party and policies. She encouraged everyone to get the vaccine and died four days after receiving the booster. I do hope she made peace with God… That’s all I am going to say.”

From reports, Montana Daily Gazette obtains personally from individuals and reports we hear, approximately 3 to 4 days is when people pass away from the injection. Hank Aaron did pass approximately 2 weeks later.

Be ever careful; the injection is deadly.

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