Steve Daines/Jon Tester: Rallied Together in Deceptive Measures


When it comes to the toxic injections, Steve Daines and Jon Tester are on the same page and operate as a team similar to Siamese Twins joined at the hip. They smugly state that they have “received their vaccines,” so in turn should all of us. What they sadly neglected was any research concerning these horrifically dangerous injections. Please look at the following evidence, which is enough to realize that what they spouted was not wise or good.


  1. Lack of investigation concerning the injections.
  2. Both Tester and Daines call the injections “Vaccines,” which is a deceptive lie.
  3. Both agree the injections are safe and effective (which is completely untrue).
  4. The injections are toxic as at least 15 deaths from (especially the Pfizer “vaccine”) have been reported to Montana Daily Gazette staff and that’s just in Flathead County alone. Who knows how many have caused deaths statewide, perhaps in the hundreds.
  5. A good portion of hospitalized Montanans have been injected (because they have “Covid”).

Jon Tester and Steve Daines were incredibly misinformed, misguided, and naive about the fake toxic “vaccines” they both promoted so heavily.

Something of this nature so heavily promoted by the federal government and with such heavy payouts needed to be deeply researched and scrutinized by both Senators.

We urge you, as Montanans, to do your research and study for yourself. Even many doctors and nurses in hospitals statewide are in tune with these highly dangerous shots.

Be wise, Montana; do not give in or comply. Do not be like Tester and Daines.


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