Founding Principles: Or Communism? You Choose


What makes the United States of America unique? What made it so that every other nation and country on earth was envious of us? What sets us apart from the rest of the world?

Well, there are several unique factors.

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  1. The United States was set upon Christian principles. There was freedom for all and equality, whether man, woman, or child, and hard work which made us tick. Our work defined us as people and instilled just how fast and far we could go working with our own hands and minds.
  2. Our foundation was based upon Christian theology; it was what made us unique and united us. To violate Christian principles meant to violate the country itself.
  3. Our founding documents are like none other in the world. They exude the very essence of freedom above and beyond any other country or nation.

What exactly is the “Declaration of Independence”?

Pictures of the Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence

The “DOI” is the leading document and built fully upon Christian values.

It ties and binds us with our Creator, ensures freedom for all humans, and establishes “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as the highest goal of mankind. Of utmost importance is that the Government is ruled by and for us ‘The People’ and must consent to us. They must protect us at all times, meaning our rights, lives, and property.

What exactly is the Bill of Rights”?

Bill of Rights - U.S.A' Posters |
The Bill of Rights

The “BOR” is not precisely what most people imagine it to be.

First off, the Bill of Rights also holds up our inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. These belong to ‘The People’ and cant be retracted. However, it is an amendment of the Constitution and is a separate document. It is not under Constitutional rule or the Supreme Court but is in itself a different entity.

What exactly is the “Constitution for the United States of America”?

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The Constitution for the United States of America

To begin with, you read that right. It’s the “Constitution for the United States of America,” not the “Constitution of the United States of America.” And there is a difference. The “Constitution for the United States of America.” The government was created (the Constitution) to uphold the Founding Principles comprised of the separate sovereign states (meaning each state governs itself). It was never set up to alter or change the states but do a better job protecting each state, including their lives, rights, and property. It was a structure set up to enforce limited matters of common interest between the states. This is the definition of the federal government.

The federal government was not chartered to judge or alter the Founding Principles. They fall outside its jurisdiction. This is not allowed ever at any time.

Those matters of common interest are enumerated in Article
I and constrain all three branches—Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. It may be
amended, but only is totally subject once again to the Founding Principles of freedom in every way for ‘The People.’

The term “United States of America (USA)” truly has but one definition—50 sovereign nations acting as one for the limited purposes of mutual interest enumerated in the Constitution for The United States of America. It may not have any other definition. Those areas under the exclusive legislative control of the federal government may not be referred to as the United States of America. Rather, herein they shall be referred to as the “Federal Zone.”

The following diagram sums the three documents up quite well.

To summarize, The “Declaration of Independence” and the “Bill of Rights” have precedence over ‘The Constitution for the United States of America.”

The “DOI” and the “BOR” assure us our inalienable rights, and the “CFTUSA” is at the center of each Sovereign State, making sure its main duty is to protect each state and citizen. This is the sole duty of the federal government, meaning no more and no less.

To not abide by the Founding Principles and be subject to them is a form of slavery and the road to Communism. We must rise up and take back each county which will, in turn, ensure that “We the People” properly run and control the nation.

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  1. The difference between the founding principles of the United States of America and slavery societies such as communist dictatorships is that in the USA decisive powers were designated to free individuals. A free individual is an economically independent individual who has the willingness, ability, and capacity to defend themselves and their property. Free enterprise economy, armed population, nuclear family as an essential building block of society, and a strong belief that no human being is above others in their accountability to the law made the USA exceptionally better than the rest of the world. … Until political correctness brainwashed Americans into beliefs that free enterprise economy is “unfair” and the government is their Lord and Saviour, fathers are needless, and unionized public school teachers can substitute parenting. When people are owned by other people, we call it slavery. When the government owns people, we call it socialism. It’s time for Americans to put two and two together and realize that socialism IS slavery. Communism, the ideology of socialism, is an ideology of slavery. To help keep your county free, start by liberating your children from public school slavery and raise your children to be free.

  2. “The “DOI” is the leading document and built fully upon Christian values.

    It ties and binds us with our Creator, ensures freedom for all humans, and establishes “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as the highest goal of mankind.”

    You know, I have a hard time when I read that or similar statements. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are certainly not the highest goals of mankind if we are going to define those goals in a truly Christian and biblical way.

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