“Pandemic Innocents” Bleed from Every Orifice


Those being hurt in this “Plandemic” aren’t just those who’ve subjected themselves to the toxic injections but those in their presence. In other words, these nasty shots shed like crazy and onto those who wouldn’t dare take them.

Report after report has come in talking about how women have miscarried, how others have been bleeding in numerous and horrific ways, and meaning clotting as well from being shed on by the “vaccinated.”

This isn’t just a regular flow of blood. It’s the blood coagulating, clotting, and harming its victims. Yes, the real victims are the ones brave enough to not submit to the bullying and therefore not take the harmful injections and yet still reaping the contaminating side effects just being in the very presence of said ‘toxic shot takers.’

As you watch and listen to this video, you will hear unreal stories of exactly why and how people are bleeding.

The fake “vaccines” are sheer madness, and there is a mass plan to harm humanity in inhumane ways. Take a listen here.


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