Don’t Forget January 6 Rally and State Capitol


Sponsored by Montana Daily Gazette, Montana clergy, and Patriots, we are hosting a ‘The People’s House Rally’ in the lawn/steps of the capitol on January 6. We will petition God for a fruitful 2022 election cycle, the freedom of political prisoners, and his blessing on his state. It’s the first such event this year. In the event of inclement weather, our permit allows us to gather inside, in the Rotunda.

Here are our suggestions (we don’t hand out rules) for involvement.

  1. Please follow all firearm rules in capitol.
  2. Please display no guns; especially long-guns.
  3. Be prepare for a time of prayer, hymns, and speaking from Montana leaders and issues pertinnt to our state government.
  4. Come early. It starts at noon. Please arrive earlier enouch to get parking and to the rotunda or yard on time.


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