Multitudes of Montanans are Suffering-RE: Test Tube Shortage

Genetics background. 3D render.

The pediatrician’s receptionist didn’t come right out and say it, but the ‘looming test tube shortage’ could last up to a month or longer, according to the office worker on the phone.

When I called in to ask that my son receive extensive blood work for future allergy testing, what I then heard floored me.

“Well, that probably won’t be possible because only really ill people are getting lab work done because there’s a test tube shortage.”

“A test tube shortage?”

“That’s right, there’s a test tube shortage, and we’re not sure how long it will last, so only very sick people will be able to get their blood drawn.”


What this means for Montanans and the rest of the country is a lot of diseases and ailments will go undiagnosed in the next “month or so” (unless, of course, you’re practically dead on the floor, in which case you can get your blood drawn and put into a test tube.

I asked her if it was due to a ‘shortage of workers due to Covid’ to which she didn’t commit but rather stated, “I’m not sure.”

So there it is. What will be next; a shortage of needles, Tylenol, and aspirin? (Aspirin could be a strong possibility as it’s on the list of Covid preventatives). And who knows if there will be enough worker bees to make that aspirin?

And just where did all those test tube-making people go? Are they gone to some remote island taking vacations on big Covid cash payouts like a good number of nurses are? Are the glassmakers who make ‘the tubes’ sitting home watching Jeopardy instead of working?

We never think of something as simple as a test tube being that big of a deal until there’s a shortage of them.

In the meantime, we will just eliminate certain foods from our son’s diet and hope for the best should he be denied the ‘million dollar tube.’

And where are those test tubes made anyway? China? That would really make sense why there’s a shortage.

Recently (about a week ago), I got my annual blood lab work done, (and no, not for some dire illness), but I did notice something strange. Usually my yearly draw includes 4 large test tubes while this year I realized they only drew 2 small test tubes. I almost said something to the phlebotomist but thought better. Now I realize i got gypped! But I’m now thankful that I got the ‘last of the test tubes in the free world.’

China Factory Price Blood Tube - Medical vacuum blood collection test tube  sodium citrate PT tubes – Ama Supplier and Manufacture | Ama
Viles of blood (test tubes of which there’s now a shortage)

With all joking aside, this really could be a very big mess for many people. What’s next?


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