Cabela’s Enforces Masks-Multiple Kalispell Employees Walk-Possible Boycott


Today Cabela’s nationwide enforced maks, which isn’t going over too well with many employees. What’s even worse is this coming February, every employee not willing to take the Toxic Covid Injection will be forced to do weekly testing.

Montana Daily Gazette caught wind that a group of Kalispell employees “walked,” meaning immediately left once they heard of the masking/testing news. Cabela’s is a liberal store that employs (many good old boy and girl) Patriots, and they weren’t going to have it, so there, Cabela’s.

The managers told employees that if OSHA comes in and finds the “team’ unmasked, then the store will be charged with a 14k fine via OSHA, per unmasked employee.

Testing in February per employee not “vaccinated” will go over like a ton of bricks, at least in much of Montana.

From Kalispell, a resident reported,

“My best friend got fired today from Cabela’s over this stupid vaccine and mask mandate of Joe Biden’s. They lost one of the smartest, hard-working, loyal, and honest employees they or anyone else will ever find. I know ’cause we spent 25 years together. He refused the vaxx, so he didn’t have a job…but they won’t call him fired. They say he quit, to further punish him, denying his ability to draw unemployment insurance.”

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Several Cabelas employees were just over the madness.

Several citizens have spoken of boycotting Cabela’s in Kalispell.

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