Liberals Want Gianforte To Keep Doing What Doesn’t Work to Stop COVID

MISSOULA, MT - MAY 24: Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte looks on during a campaign meet and greet at Lambros Real Estate on May 24, 2017 in Missoula, Montana. Greg Gianforte is campaigning throughout Montana ahead of a May 25 special election to fill Montana's single congressional seat. Gianforte is in a tight race against democrat Rob Quist. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

To a liberal, the outcome of an idea doesn’t matter. What matters is the intention, which, as we all know, paves the way to hell. The world has discovered certain incontrovertible facts since the virus known as COVID-19 came out .

First, masks have proven to be completely ineffective in stopping the spread of the virus. We are aware of this, first of all, because we have 50 states comprised of 330 million people to see where masks mitigate the danger of the spread. When combined with roughly 7 billion people in the world and 350 countries adding to that control group, it can be stated beyond scientific fact, masks do not stop the spread of COVID-19. This type of scientifically incontrovertible evidence is what makes fake news outlets, like the Independent Record, claim the Montana Daily Gazette is guilty of “Covid-19 misinformation.” Of course “misinformation,” from the publication that calls “hims, “hers” and “hers, hims” – without so much as smile or nod as though they’re literally not joking, is probably not best to determine what is and is not objective reality.

We have learned incontrovertibly, that government efforts to stop the spread have not worked. Again, we have different states, with different approaches – ranging from mask decrees to vaccine passports to extended lockdowns (for churches, not abortion clinics) that can all prove this through a cursory study of the scientific method. The government efforts have not helped.

And finally, we can show beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaccines themselves not only fail to meet the criterion of an actual vaccine but that they simply don’t work. In fact, studies demonstrate that should someone get sick after getting the vaccine (which should be an impossibility), they are more likely to die, spread the disease to their relatives and friends, and suffer worse consequences. Nonetheless, as Omnicron nears us, some Montana liberals are wondering why Governor Gianforte isn’t acting differently or changing back, reverting to standards that have all proven themselves to not work (we need look no further than South Dakota, which employed none of the mitigation efforts of then Governor Bullock).

But stupid ideas don’t stop people from asking stupid questions.

The Daily Interlake, a fake newspaper from the Flathead Valley, cited news from Columbia South Carolina, writing…

Governors took sweeping actions during earlier surges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many closed schools and ordered businesses shut down. They issued mask mandates, vaccine requirements and even quarantines in some places for people who had traveled to out-of-state hot spots.

Not this time, even as the exponential spread of the super-contagious omicron variant shatters COVID-19 infection records. While governors are sending help to hospitals, they are displaying little appetite for widespread public orders or shutdowns.

Even Democratic governors who passed strict mandates early on are now relying more on persuasion than dictates. They largely are leaving it up to local officials to make the tough calls on decisions such as whether to limit capacity in restaurants and theaters or keep schools open.

South Carolina set a record for positive tests over the New Year’s weekend and COVID-19 hospitalizations are up 67% from the week before. But Gov. Henry McMaster, a Republican, urged everyone to carry on as if everything’s fine. “If you get real sick, there will be room in the hospitals,” he promised this week.

The answer, of course, is that everything is fine. High positive test cases are determined by high testing standards, and most businesses are requiring tests once or twice a week in lieu of a vaccine. Positive results, which previously would have gone unnoticed because COVID-19 is a mild chest cold, are now on the supposed uptick. They’re not. Only testing is on the uptick. Ditto for hospitalizations, as hospitals are paid big bucks to hospitalize those with positive cases.

But what is down? Down are the number of ventilation. Down are the number of deaths. Hospitals, try as they might by removing their number of beds, seem incapable of convincing the public that the tiger of COVID is anything but made of paper. The reason both Republican and Democratic Governors are acting as though everything is okay is that, well, it is.

The Brainhead Beacon reports, “

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte, while listing his accomplishments during his first year in office Tuesday, said that through previous COVID-19 surges there was little differences in case counts between states run by Republicans that tended to take fewer precautions and those run by Democrats, which generally took stronger actions.

“Heavy-handed, one-size-fits-all mandates don’t work,” Gianforte said.

Of course, ordinary citizens are saying, “No kidding.” Nick Ramlo pointed this out at the incredible “People’s House Rally” on January 6. Ramlo said, “Masks are a form of political speech; that you belong to a tribe, that you hold a certain kind of political beliefs, not that you care about science.”

Ramlo was telling the truth. And Gianforte is right, a heavy-handed, one-size-fits all mandate doesn’t work.” But it’s just in Montana. It’s anywhere.


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