The Law Does not Rule-Founding Principles Do


Today we will be studying and referring to “Blueprint Number 2” in the Blueprint Series of ‘The Constitutional County.’ This particular blueprint is entitled “Put Principles Above Law.”

One concept many Americans do not seem to understand is the idea of a hierarchy. One thing must preside over another for our Republic to function correctly and in the correct order. And when you stop and look at the article title the concept seems odd to us, but it’s right on target.

Because the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights rule supreme over the Constitution and other laws, we need to relearn things the right way. “Unalienable rights are superior to civil rights. Federal, state, and local governments must abide by and enforce the Founding Principles. They are to be under and subject to these Founding Principles at all times. Even the ‘Supreme Courts’ opinions are not laws.

And what are these Founding Principles exactly?

The Founding Principles consist of the Declaration of Independence followed by the Bill of Rights in that order.

Simply stated, our Declaration and Bill of Rights trump our Constitution. Declarations are not agreements, do not require government consent, nor are they the result of Legislation. To be clear, the federal government has NO power over the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights whatsoever, and even the Constitution created a constrained federal government of limited, enumerated powers.

They are the supreme law, superior to all other—
the Constitution and to the civil laws, rules,
regulations, and jurisprudence that follow.
Unalienable rights, for example, are superior to civil rights.

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The Declaration is the leading Document
The Bill of Rights is next in authority
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And finally, the Constitution comes under the
Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights in priority

This is the entire crux of the matter.

Unalienable rights are superior to civil rights. How do we ensure this is enforced? Well, we must demand the following measures take place.

  1. The Founding Principles are to be enforced at all times in all ways by the federal, state ad local Government.
  2. The original meaning of the Founding Principles within the D.O.I. or B.O.R. shall never be changed or hampered with.
  3. The Founding Documents are to have the exact meaning as originally intended. What was legal this is legal now. What was illegal then is illegal now.
  4. It is ‘The People’ who are to hear and interpret the Founding Documents, not goverments or courts.
  5. Governments at all levels—federal, state, and local—shall abide by and enforce the Declaration of Independence and all of the unalienable rights in the Bill of Rights. No branch of government may alter any of the original meaning of the Founding Documents. Any such acts are prosecutable as treason or sedition.


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Ranking order is as follows and again it’s a hierarchy in which none of the lower rankings can have power over those before them. The order must remain as follows:

  1. Declaration of Independence and Bill
    of Rights over…
  2. Constitution for the United States of
    America over…
  3. Laws over…
  4. Jurisprudence over…
  5. Rules & Regulations

Important things to learn.

The Founding Documents were meant to be harmonious with one another hence the Constitution in no way may defeat or rule over the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

No doublespeak is allowed in any way. Simply stated no word(s) may be given a new meaning (changing the substance while disguising the fact).


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Cancel, void, not enforceable

Anything that conflicts with these rules is null and void, and shall
not be enforced. The Supreme Court is a federal appellate court. Its opinions are not
laws. Opinions that conflict with Founding Principles are unconstitutional, null, and void when they falsely profess otherwise.

To summarize, the Founding Documents rule supreme even over the Constitution itself. Become familiar with these three documents and study them extensively if you can. Knowledge is power and wisdom is everything if we are to take back our counties and ultimately our state, then our nation.

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