‘Law Enforcement’ is an Incorrect Title-Rename:’Community Protectors’

County Sheriff Police officer looks over the county while on duty.

This week we will be highlighting ‘The Constitutional County’ Blueprint No. 5 entitled “Reimage Law Enforcement.”

This concept of ‘reimaging’ will seem so upside down and backward to many people that they may have a hard time wrapping their heads around it. I know it’s taken me a while to process these concepts. My primary purpose is to take these subjects (especially ones where we need to abolish the things we’ve learned over the years that are Unconstitutional and incorrect) and then re-educate you on what is right and true.

Our view of “Law Enforcement” has been skewed and wrong.

“The primary Duty of sheriffs and police is to protect our lives,

properties and rights, not enforce laws.”

The proper role of sheriffs and police is to uphold and enforce our Founding Principles (meaning the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and following that the Constitution for the United States). This is to take place within their jurisdictions. They are to act solely in the interest of ‘The People.’

Fiduciary Relationships - Disinherited
Fiduciary Duty means to care and procure total loyalty to those entrusted in one’s care;
in this case, that refers to Sheriff and Police who are to serve ‘The People.’

Contrary to what most people falsely assume, sheriff and police are not federal agents. They are never under any circumstance to enforce federal laws or court decisions that conflict with Founding Principles. The federal government can not supersede state governments. We are sovereign states, and each is a sovereign nation. Even the Supreme Court has consistently confirmed this.

Sheriff and Police should never have been labeled as “Law Enforcement”. The Supreme Court supplies “opinions” (and that is all they are) but are corruptly considered “law.”

These so-called “Laws” spread like fire into Media, Law Books, Law Schools, Courts, then spread on a local level to Sheriffs, Police, and Jurors. The three latter are told to carry out and implement them, which ultimately makes Sheriffs, Police, and Jurors domestic military under the Judiciary Branch! This is total corruption.

The “interests” of ‘We the People’ then become last. This is totally backward of how it should be under our Founding Documents.

Let’s study the following charts.

This is how things are set up and should not be
(read the text below the chart for a clear explanation).
We need to eliminate the “opinions” being passed down from the Supreme Court as though they were “Law”

Here are the answers.

  1. 1. Rename them the “Community Protection Force” (as that is what they are).

2. Change their uniforms and emblems accordingly.

3. Pledge and require Sheriff and Police to embrace The Constitutional County and pledge support.

4. Hire Within and only those willing to protect the community should be a part of it.

Consider as an example free speech. “Speech” is oratory, reasoned debate. Below is a list of things incorrectly labeled as speech. Most are different forms of assault and should be treated as such. They should be charged, arrested, prosecuted.

Canceling your business
Canceling your income
Boycotting your home
Yelling in your ear with a megaphone
Blocking your or your car’s movement
Burning down businesses, the town
Stepping on or burning our flag

Here is a prime example of what a true Community Protector should do.

If BLM or Antifa shows up in your town, it is the sheriff’s duty to protect the community, not the outsiders. He is also to support the Constitution, not be a peacekeeper.

When you think sheriff and police think protector. Urge your local sheriff and police to join The Constitutional County, and you can too! It’s all absolutely free. Just click here to learn and join! It’s the best thing you could ever do for your county, then ultimately your state, and finally your nation!


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