Hot Springs MT: Honoring ‘Community Protector Gary’ as “Hero of the Week”


Our ‘Hero of the Week’ is ‘Community Protector Gary’ of Hot Springs, MT. (As we don’t know his last name, we will leave it at that).

Last week Montana Daily Gazette published an article highlighting ‘The Constitutional County’ (Blueprint No. 5), which educated the public on why “Law Enforcement” should be “Reimaged” and named ‘Community Protectors.’ You can read the article in its entirety by clicking here. So even though he’s entitled “Officer Gary” in Hot Springs, we thought we would share what the Constitution really has to say about these community servants.

Although this may seem like a simple act of kindness, putting forth the effort to assist and honor our elderly population so as not to slip and fall is a critical task. Not only is it common courtesy to do so, but as a ‘Community Protector,’ this is his Constitutional role, his occupation.

“Hero of the Week” Community Protector ‘Gary’

We are proud to highlight Hot Springs MT and ‘Community Protector Gary’ as “Hero of the Week.”

Thank you for your kindness and for protecting your community, sir. Many locals chimed in about what a great guy “Officer Gary” is, and over time maybe they too will proudly refer to him as their ‘Community Protector.’


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