Op-Ed: Flathead County Residents call for Resignations -Pam Holmquist/Ronalee Skees


The following Op-Ed was submitted by Nicholas Ramlow who is the publisher of “People’s Rights.

“During the January 18, 2022, Flathead County Health Board meeting, area residents used the public comment period as an opportunity to berate board members.  Not one person commented on support of the board. For over an hour, residents raised their concerns about Covid related public policy and the failures of the Board to adequately preserve the liberty interests of residents.

 Most of the comments seemed to be triggered by recent actions taken by Health Officer Joe Russell that were performed unilaterally and are highly contentious.  One of the biggest topics up for discussion was the lack of informed consent pertaining to C19 vaccines: racketeering and Mass Formation Psychosis.

 Informed consent is a communication process between a patient and their health provider that is required before an agreement or permission for care, treatment, or services can be rendered.  As with all things in life, in medicine, there are no ‘solutions,’ only trade-offs.  For instance, people with a heart or blood pressure condition may seek a medical ‘solution’ in the form of a pharmaceutical drug.  However, no drug is immune to the risk of side effects; negative externalities that arise from taking the drug. Hannah Karev, a member of Patriots for Peace Officers, challenged the legality of administering C19 vaccines, stating, “[i]f you’re injecting citizens with a substance, and you’re not really informed [about efficacy or negative side effects], is that even legal?  It’s not ethical…and in many states, it’s called battery or assault.” Later she demanded that Holmquist and Skees resign. 

Several gentlemen from the Flathead Liberty Coalition spoke.  Jake Kirby seemed openly aggressive and agitated over changing the meeting schedule to a time when most people would have to miss work to participate.  After the Board denied his request to give cause and cite a rule that authorized the schedule change, Mr. Kirby brazenly cut off Pam Holmquist while she was speaking and said loudly, “I’m sick and tired of all this garbage!… It’s time to stick up for our rights.  You work for us here in Montana, correct?  Are you taking in outside money from [the] federal government?  What’s going on?…[and] it’ll be a cold day in hell before my kid wears a mask.”  Dane Clark discussed social engineering and Mass Formation Psychosis, citing a recent podcast discussion between Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone.  This podcast was so detrimental to leftist narratives that Youtube removed it from their platform. It took me a considerable amount of time to find a video that expresses the podcast.  Below is a short video of the key insight of Dr. Robert Malone, to which Mr. Clark was referring.

Mr. Clark stated that instead of being called the Department of Health, the Board should rename the facility to the Department of Eugenics.  Many more residents gave credible commentary.  Due to a lack of time, I apologize in advance for omitting them.

Later in the meeting, when Holmquist spoke, she claimed that “[early on] the Health Board fought mandates, masking, all of that and we stood strong on that…at the end of the day, the Health Board never passed mandates. Never passed masking ordinances. Never forced anyone to do anything that they didn’t need to do. Uhm, or didn’t want to do.”  These are patently false statements, and when Dr. Bukacek had an opportunity, she immediately did what liberty lovers have grown to expect of her- call Holmquist out on her lies.  Dr. Bukacek stated, “[o]ne correction, and I have the minutes printed out…[inaudible] March 19, 2020, our meeting at that time…it was a [vote on a] mandate that restaurants, bars, and winery’s, it was a mandate that they could not have indoor seating.  I was the only one at the meeting that voted against it, so it is not true…[Bukacek is interupted]…it is not true that this Board has never supported mandates…I was the only one who voted against it.  [Holmquist] and Ronalee led the charge voted to support the health officer.  It’s in the minutes…”  

Pam Holmquist and Ronalee Skees spent considerable time afterward attempting to evade their prior policy choices and Dr. Bukacek’s comments.  This should be expected given the change in political tide and public demands for their resignation. However, following the meeting, Dr. Bukacek sent out an email of the minutes from the March 19, 2020 Board meeting.  I have attached the minutes, and you can click below to view them.  

The proof is in the pudding.  

To read the Op-Ed in its entirety and see the Health Board Meeting and Dr. Malone’s video clip, click here.

Editor’s Note: This Op-Ed is not necessarily the opinion of Montana Daily Gazette or Publisher JD Hall. All alternating views or thoughts are welcome.


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