Big Rig ‘Freedom Convoy’ Headed to Canadian Capitol in Protest is ‘Unprecedented’


A massive convoy of big rig truckers traveling across the country to the Capitol building in Ottawa has been named ‘the Freedom Convoy’, and it has become a symbol of protest for Canadians who have endured nearly two years of crushing Covid-19 restrictions, lockdowns, job terminations, and mandatory vaccine passports.

The convoy has apparently amassed nearly 1000 trucks, with more joining every day, and is set to converge in Ottawa by the weekend. They are protesting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s requirement that truckers must get the vaccine shot in order to remain employed despite being one of the most solitary jobs- given they are in their vehicles almost the entire day. It is estimated that 1 in 7 Canadian truckers are unvaccinated, representing nearly 16,000 people. If those many workers were to be fired, it would throw the already strained supply chains into further turmoil.

Their courage and their act of defiance have served as a shot in the arm to Canadians who have been beaten down by massive fines and punishing restrictions. Even now some parts of the country are still in lockdown with gyms and restaurants forced to close, and vaccine passports mandatory across the provinces, and threats of fines if unfollowed.

Further, a Gofundme for the convoy has raised nearly $4.2 Million dollars at last count, from 55,000 people, making it the largest of its kind in Canadian history.

As the convoy moves across the country, citizens and whole families are lining up and waiting in frigid temperatures to wave and show their support, with some places such as Edmonton bringing out a purported 2000 people.

As the convoy progresses, hundreds of truckers from the USA are expected to join them, including some from Montana, as some reports suggest nearly 10,000 trucks may participate when all is said and done, which would shatter the world record for most trucks in a convoy by a factor of 20.

The Freedom Convoy is getting bigger by the day, and we have nothing but support for it and our freedom-loving neighbors to the North.


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