What Is Jurisdiction? There are Two United States-it’s FRIGHTENING

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This week we will be studying a complex subject. The Constitutional County’s Blueprint No. 10 covers the topic of “Jurisdiction,” and it is everything. It is crucial and vitally important.

Jurisdiction covers three things. A government properly has Jurisdiction only
when the land, people, and subject matter
fall within its authority.

• Place (land)
• Person
• Subject matter

Jurisdiction also can be improperly governed, and it’s frightening. Jurisdiction is like a fence. It defines the boundaries of a government what it can and cannot do. When a government takes actions outside of its Jurisdiction, it acts under color of authority. It is a crime. Such acts are legally null, void, and unenforceable.


Most people do not realize or understand that there are TWO UNITED STATES! Congress is making two kinds of laws:

We are being deceived as Congress does not always exercise law according to the Constitution.
The Two United States. “For the United States of America” had been tampered with but was not the Founder’s original intent.
The original United States comprised the 50 States. The ‘Federal Zone’ took over in many areas to the demise of the 50.


Initially, the United States was coined “The United States FOR America”; the other was coined “The United States OF America.” A good analogy would be the difference between something being made “For China” or “Of China,” and obviously any person would choose “FOR” over “OF” However, Washington D.C. came in and corrupted “The United States FOR America,” altering it to become two different entities depending on Jurisdiction (one being within the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence and one completely void of them). (See below).

The term United States may be used in several ways.

  1. The one we recognize is comprised of the 50 States. Washington D.C. however is not one of these 50 but rather a sovereign and different nation entirely separate from the 50 states. In other words its as though it were its own country.
  2. When the people are under the rule outside of true legislation it affects our rights; they can be taken away.


The following charts indicated by the red areas are where Washington D.C. is robbing us of our rights. (You will see a massive amount of land is in the West where much of this land, including ”National Parks”(although phrased as ”public Lands” does not really belong to the people at all. Our Constitutional rights are stripped from us. We are not ”Sovereign CCitizens’under these lands but rather demoted to a lower level. This is frightening as our rights are impaired and stolen right from underneath us.

Territorial Jurisdiction is government control over the LAND. Maritime Jurisdiction is over the SEAS. But now, the land and the sea have merged into one, essentially meaning the sea has encroached up onto and into the land.

(read below)

“Where does the law of the land end, and
the law of the sea take over? Initially, it
was the international boundary of a country, recognized to be several miles offshore.
Then the legal argument was made and
accepted that it moved to shore to include
the ports and harbors. Then it was extended
again to include “Navigable waters,” that is,
as far upstream as a barge could go. Maritime law moved inland.
Then, with ‘Waters of the USA,’ the attempt was made to extend it to every water
drop that flowed into a creek, into a river,
to eventually reach the ocean.

“Thus, by degree, federal control sent
merchant law tendrils inland, still claiming
maritime Jurisdiction, like an octopus
reaching into crevices. The maritime tendrils eventually reached the public lands.
Bam! Just like that, they merged.
Today, territorial public land jurisdiction and maritime Jurisdiction have merged
into one “special maritime and territorial

“Nearly one-third of what we consider
to be our Country is actually claimed
buy FUSA, our employees.”

“Even people fall within this hampered Jurisdiction and fall under these categories outside the Constitution and below are a few examples:

Everyone deriving benefits from
FUSA wherever located (think Social
Security, Medicare, Medicaid)

Every company located in or doing
business in the federal zone

All international relations

All matters that cross political boundaries—environment, global warming,

This gives you a preview of how the ‘T’o United StStates’unction and it is not good.

We have been robbed of land and our rights at every turn. To help stop this trainwreck, join The Constitutional County today! It’s all free, and you will be glad you did! Click here to join!


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