Montana is San Franciscans #1 Destination To Move to, Are they Bringing the ‘Poop app’ with Them?


San Francisco has long been an urban hellscape. The city is teeming with drugs, crime, and homelessness, promulgated by a progressive government that has ruled the city for decades and whose policies have only exacerbated the situation.

In fact, the city is so filthy that many residents have taken to downloading SnapCrap, an app that documents and informs citizens where all the human feces smeared across the sidewalks are, with a SFC review showing a high of 16,547 incidences in just 6 months time in 2020.

This has resulted in many citizens fleeing the city, looking for a new home away from the drama and deterioration that living in a liberal city inexorably brings, with the San Franciso Chronicle detailing the mass exodus.

By and large, that home is in Montana.

In the last two years of the pandemic, Montana has seen the biggest increase from fleeing San Franciscans out of all the states in the country, beating out the next closest by more than 50%. In fact, there was a 140% increase in moves, compared to the two previous years.

And it’s not just from San Francisco, but rather tons of other California counties have seen huge upticks in moves out to the Big Sky Country, including Marin County, the Bay, Area Los Angeles, and Sacramento, ranging from 31% to 94% increases.

With the increased freedom for employees to work remotely and the staggering difference in the costs of living, Montana has become the main attraction, thanks to its spaciousness and natural beauty. It’s also this reason why house prices are skyrocketing in Bozeman, with a large influx of tech workers drawn to its amenities and proximity to the airport, ensuring the city is fast becoming a little Silicon Valley.

In fact, housing prices across the state have increased 39% in the last year, pricing out many natives.

It’s insanity,” said Kelly Martin, a real estate agent at Windermere’s downtown Bozeman office. “Half the homes in Bozeman are well over a million and that’s definitely the out-of-staters coming in and paying cash…People born and raised in Montana, it’s almost like they’re completely priced out.”

He said that while the state is building homes “as fast as they can,” shortages of both homebuilding materials and construction workers have slowed the process down, further contributing to the low supply.

“There’s rows of houses that can’t be listed because they can’t get refrigerators in, or stoves. A lot of them are selling with no garage doors, just plywood [over the garages],” he said.

While the strain of housing and cost of living increases is painful, we are not opposed to it. We support the freedom of people to flee from destruction and to better their lives, and celebrate their decision to do so. All we ask is that they leave behind the policies and ideologies that made it so bad to begin with, and to assimilate into a culture that values all the things that their former city and state beat out of them.

The last thing we need is our own version of the SnapCrap.


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