An Open Letter-“Which Side are You On?” -Rosendale, Daines, Gianforte?


“Like many states across the nation, Montana is already facing labor shortages, especially in the healthcare industry, which severely threaten patient access to lifesaving medical care,” they wrote. I know nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room, but the planners of the plandemic could care less about patient access or saving lives. The intent of the Covid phenomenon is population control and moving America further toward Communism. See 10/18/19 Event 201 starring the Bill Gates Foundation. The Event 201 scenario | A pandemic tabletop exercise ( ) 

I studied the website at Guide to Military Equipment and Civil Aviation ( before the 2025 prediction of 70% decrease in the population of America was JUST REMOVED 2025 FORECAST – Seemorerocks
Go talk to Dr. Judy Mikovitz. Pandemic Books and Resources – Dr. Judy Mikovits (
Pandemic Books and ResourcesPlandemic: Fear Is the Virus. Truth Is the Cure.

“Some Montana facilities cannot afford to lose another healthcare professional, especially when alternative measures can be implemented, such as masking and testing, to protect the safety and health of employees, patients, and visitors from COVID-19,” they wrote. Your healthcare workers know the current use of masks is a joke. They cause way more damage than they prevent. This is about obedience and control. I am staying in healthcare because: (1) I want to engage in the fight for truth, and honestly (2) there is serious money being thrown around, b/c people looking for a lifelong career are leaving b/c of the BS. I am making in 2 months what I used to make in a year. It is the intentional bleeding of America to death. Communists in and outside America want to kill America. My goal is to expose the treason and 2nd and 3rd-degree murder. Most workers won’t put up with the “accommodations”. Masking and testing are one issue that they will eventually refuse and move on to other work. The worst is not the masking and testing, but the segregation and discrimination and the developing cast system that puts those that stand on the first amendment in a lower cast. The mask separating the Vaxxed from the unvaxxed is the dunce hat or yellow dot or wristband of yesteryear. Montana is experiencing a record number of COVID-19 cases, with an average of 2,147 known cases per day reported over the last week and a record high of 16,125 known active cases on Wednesday, state officials reported. This phenomenon is a factor of increases in testing. The more you test, the more cases you have. What does a positive test tell us? 50% of symptomatic people testing negative on the binax antigen test come back positive with the PCR test. So 50% of the symptomatic but negative results we give, encourage people to go about life as usual infecting all they interact with until their PCR test comes back a week later. Who knows what’s in the kit labeled Covid 19?

When will someone answer: Where did influenza go? There are a lot of positive tests right now and therefore scared people. The current version of “Covid” is not a big deal in comparison to the original version. I presented a positive test result to one of my coworkers today. She is an older lady who works with the nurses. She was so emotionally affected that she gasped and leaned on the counter with wide eyes of fear using the counter to hold herself up. This is media and provider-induced fear. This will facilitate whatever the controllers desire. Fear controls people. There were 326 people hospitalized Wednesday, nearly three times the 113 that was hospitalized a month ago. Of course, they were hospitalized. There are major bucks in it!! About 54% of Montana’s eligible population, or nearly 547,500 people, are fully immunized, officials said. What does this say about the efficacy of the “vaccine” jab? The jab is useless at best. Getting the jab on top of natural immunity is argued to be super dangerous, negatively affecting your entire immune system for a lifetime.

Research Dr. Meryl Nass. She is getting kicked off social media for having the guts to speak. Research  Dr. Peter McCullough Early Treatment Protocol ( He is one of the most published authorities on the subject.

I personally have watched about 5 upper-level providers and managers in the facilities that I work in getting covid on top of being “fully vaccinated” in the last couple of weeks. You can study the CDC website and see the recent changes in the term vaccine. This is a joke folks. No, not a joke, b/c it is not at all funny. This is a travesty and treason and crimes against humanity on a worldwide scale surpassing any previous event in History aside from Noah’sflood. Some say in reference to the mandates: This is what you have to do in order to play the game and get the reimbursements. The consequences of this game are way too big folks. Stand up. Your future, your posterities future and the future of mankind is at stake, not to mention where you spend the afterlife.

Covid is really not the problem. The vaccine is a long-term problem—Mark my words. We will learn to have regretted our egregious behavior in the last years since January 2020. History will show it, people, it’s just a matter of time. Run for office, get some Godly courage and STAND UP!! This current scam is fading. The Deagel goal has not been met. Do you think the scammers are done? No. Now we switch to other ways to murder. War with Russia used to be a concern back in the 70s. Why is nobody really concerned today. Will the war happen? Who knows. I do know the Satanic communists in and outside America / the synagogue of Satan who hates Jesus is not done. I expect other egregious attacks. We responded so nicely to this plandemic, I would expect them to double down on the next one. Healthcare professionals have shown the public false Hope with the masking and gowns and face shields. If the public does what we have demonstrated when there is a real contagion, it will be devastating. The “vaccine” for the next plandemic will likely be even more dynamic on the VAERS website. The number of adverse reactions with the current covid vaccine eclipses the numbers for all historic vaccines cumulative. It is still being used in spite of that internal data. The death from the next contagion and vaccine phenomenon will potentially be more successful in reaching the 99 million goals in the American population. This is a 70% decrease. This means 7 out of every 10 people alive will be dead by 2025. HMMM  Look around you. Who will be missing? This is an EPIC war between Satan and Jesus. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 reference those who call themselves Jews and are not but are a synagogue of Satan. There are folks in the world that murdered Jesus, the God of the universe. They are irate b/c Jesus still is positively affecting the universe and they want Him and His heritage dead. The same folks who coerced the Romans into murdering Jesus are at war with Him now. We happen to get in the way of that war. We can STAND in His power, or we can cower in fear. We can have guaranteed victory or not. It’s our choice. You must choose Jesus. The default setting in apathy is by default choosing Satan. Your eternity depends on it. Satan Hates Jesus and anyone who looks like Him. Like it or not, you are made in the image of Jesus. You look like Jesus, and Satan hates you for it. Jesus likes Liberty and Freedom. Therefore Satan does not. Satan hates America, b/c, in the past, America has been a beacon of hope, which Jesus is the author of Hope. Jesus is the author of innovation, discovery, technology, light, and color, green grass, clean water, laughter and love, newborn babies, and romantic moonlight walks. Satan hates all of that. This is the EPIC war.

Which side are you on, Mr. Rosendale, Daines, and Gianforte?

Where will your name be recorded in History? Stop begging Satan for relief and instead lead in the mighty name of Jesus. And anyone else eavesdropping on this conversation, you can do the same, and together there can be recovery and praise to the KING for it. There is no other way. Roll over and take it or stand up and make it. Make Liberty happen for all mankind again in God’s strength and through God’s blood and in the mighty name of Jesus. What will your posterity say when they stand on your grave? Dad, Grampa _____ at least tried. He stood and was mowed over by the crowd. Or Praise the Lord dad stood and turned the tide of History toward renewal right when it really mattered. OR will they say: Hmmm, I wonder what Dad, Grampa  _____ was doing when Liberty vanished from the earth. Did he forget Luke 1:37 and Phil 4:13 and Eph 5:11, and Hebrews 5:9? Did he not read Mt 25:30 and Luke 19:27The time is now. There is no better opportunity.

The contrast between light and dark is vast. A little light will be noticed right now. Elections in Montana are taking shape right now. The window will close in March. Will you stand up and be counted or not. Yes, that would be the right answer. You have gone to many church services and bible studies. You know what to do. Now apply Eph 2:10. Yes, you were saved by Grace, but for Good works. STAND as Stephen did.

Maybe Jesus will see fit to Stand and welcome you into His eternal life one day.

(Editor’s note) This Op-Ed was written by Mark French of Plains, MT.

(Editor’s disclaimer) Contented submitted and published from private citizens do not necessarily represent every theological position of the Montana Daily Gazette or it’s staff.


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