An Open Letter to Media Covering My First Amendment Trial


Dear Colleagues in the Press,

Listen, I’ve seen your half a dozen or so articles about my lawsuit with Adrian Jawort, the confused American Indian who we pray finds some good medical or spiritual help and is being used as a pawn by Montana’s Democrats to distract, discourage, or shut down (won’t happen) the state’s #1 news source. Like a series of feces clumps thrown out of an ill-tempered monkey’s butt over the weekend, here they came, one after the other, to do primarily one thing…to repeat the talking points of Democrat attorneys.

Listen, this whole enterprise, Montanana Daily Gazette, exists because of you. I write this to help you out, give you some advice, and perhaps – just maybe – get you to do your job. It hasn’t worked with the Sidney Herald, whose first article on this affair was so incoherently written people had to call me to find out what it was even about, but perhaps I can just save your trade if you listen.

First, let me point out some things that maybe you don’t have time to consider. You’re going broke. The first job of a journalist is paying the bills, and most reporters are at below-poverty wages. I mean, you deserve it and everything (your writing is pretty bad), but I mean, your bosses are going broke.

Lee Enterprises, which owns the bulk of newspapers in Montana, was de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange for losing so much money in such short a period of time the NYSE no longer would allow it to be publicly traded. Ouch. Now, the Billings Gazette is for sale after I warned you in article-after-article that trying to unionize to save your jobs (idiots) would lead to you losing your jobs. The Great Falls Tribune just sold its facility. Its printing press is gone. The Missoulian and Independent Record have had to consolidate. Essentially, your garbage papers are down to sharing one press in the state. Adams Publishing, which owns the Bozeman Chronicle, is hemorrhaging, and my hometown’s Sidney Herald has now lost more subscribers than it currently now has (double-ouch).

There’s a reason for this. Several, in fact. Let me list them.

  • People over 65 are still living, and haven’t discovered the Internet yet. When they’re gone, you’re gone.
  • Your sports pages are collected for scrap books
  • People enjoy comics on Sundays

That’s it. I can’t think of anything else. But despite the outdated business model of buying a paper ($1.50, seriously) to find out today what you found out online a week ago, you have one other problem…your bias.

I travel the state and speak, usually asking how many trusts their local paper, whether larger or small. The answer is always the same; hisses and boos – despite legacy press reporters being in the room, as recently happened as late as several weeks ago in Great Falls. Listen to the audio, for real. People hate you folks. Why the anger? People don’t like being lied to. And they know, without fail, they are being lied to by both large and small media. And that’s why people love Montana Daily Gazette.

This brings me to my point of the moment. Your coverage of my legal dealings with a Native American “transgender” (not a thing) man, Planned Parenthood’s Raph Graybill, and a few California 9th Circuit gals suing Christi Jacobsen to let anybody and their dead dog vote has been atrocious. Mostly, this is for two reasons:

(1) You have used filings directly from the motley crew of Democrats intent on harassing the only conservative publisher in the state and your largest competition, and then re-worded them (at times, citing them as the article themselves, without proper attribution, I might add). If you’re going to report the news, you should, in theory, look at such filings, then look at filings on the other side, and then report both accordingly. You have been content to report the words of Raph Graybill, the Upper 7 Law Firm, and a confused-gendered man as though it was, indeed fact.

(2) You have given less courtesy to me than I have given to Adrian Jawort. With the exception of very few press outlets to report this horrid affair of a preacher preaching or an opiner opining, you haven’t asked me or my attorney for comment. On those very few occasions my attorney has been asked for comment, the least significant, interesting, or pertinent quotations were taken for publication, I presume so you can say that you’ve done your job as a journalist. But we know the game – report a word salad from the conservative attorney in a sentence or two and then give the best case possible for the gang of liberals who you live to pinch-hit for. I can also say with absolute certainty that no press outlet has contacted me – the other man at the center of this lawsuit, and asked me for a single comment. This is ironic beyond degree. It is ironic because I asked Jawort for comment before publishing my now infamous article about his antics as it relates to his very public image (he denied to comment before publishing, then sued me for my comments after publishing).

Think about the irony of that. You – you fantastically obtuse J-School grads, aren’t asking the subject of your article for comments, which regards a lawsuit when he – a Citizen Journalist – asked the subject of his story for comments. Surely you shame yourselves.

But let us be honest. As the Legacy Press, with few exceptions, you’re not interested in the truth. You could not care less about it. What you’re interested in is libeling your only real news competition in Montana. But here is what I’ve discovered that you need to find out. Montanans aren’t stupid.

There is much to say about this case, which you have made no effort to say, to hear me say, to hear my attorney say, or to hear the courts say (because they haven’t said it yet). So far, what has been heard about this case has been heard from the other side. Montanans know that; or, at least, most do. Yes, please tell us more about what Raph Graybill thinks; we are on the edge of our seats to see how he determines the merit of truth.

Will the bulk of Montana conservatives fall for the tall tales of Planned Parenthood, the LGBTQ Agenda, and out-of-state leftists organizations that run your publications? The answer is hardly. As you dig deeper and deeper, your intentions become clearer and clearer – smear conservatives, take potshots at your press competition putting you out of business, and do the dirty work of the Democrat Party under the thinly veiled guise of “impartial journalism.”

In the end, that’s what has made Montana Daily Gazette a success and has made you lay off half your staff and sell off your properties to (ironically) move most of your “news” to the Internet while we have only grown to what was, only two years ago, unimaginable proportions. We have been honest with people; our facts are legitimate, and our opinions are conservative. You, on the other hand, present illegitimate factoids and claim your opinions are impartial. People know the difference.

My advice to you, as a fellow news publisher, is to get out of the business while you still can, while there’s a single dollar in your pocket. The end is nigh, and as you cover this particular story about Jawort and his Merry Band of Democrat Attorneys, people will see all the sooner that you’re not interested in the truth, your subscriptions will continue to plummet, and you’ll be out of business whether you like it or not. If you’re smart, you’ll at least crash into oblivion gracefully and make some kind of concerted effort at real journalism.

One paper in my hometown has contributed two articles to this matter, and neither has solicited any response to me, caused me any hassle, or any negative ramifications (I have had a few calls of encouragement). The only responses I have received have been eyes rolled toward the publication, like, “them again, surprise-surprise.” Thankfully, this is because their bias is well known. Simply put, I’ve outlived the last editor of that paper who tried to skewer me in this town (she’s now a BLM advocate and far-left agitator who’s moved on to greener pastures outside the media altogether), and I’ll outlive this one (and will outlive the paper itself). Once the cat is out of the bag – the media cannot be trusted – it loses its power to sway public opinion. And fortunately (for me), the shark has been jumped on this one.

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by MDG Publisher, JD Hall]

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